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Life Update (Boring bullshit rantings of a guy who just got home from a concert and hasn’t gone to sleep yet)

Don’t know if I’m going to keep this blog very active in the near future, for now, life just seems to be getting in the way. But not in a bad way. At the start of the year, having had quite a few changes happen in a very short space of time over the Christmas Holidays, I set myself a few goals. Not all of them were life changing and most of them were more self indulgent than progressive steps into the realm of adulthood, but it always helps having goals to strive for.

Tip top of the list was to finally move out of my home, get a proper job and maybe even find myself in a relationship of some form of stability. I’m happy enough to have achieved two of the three so far, currently living in a close to city centre house within a 20 minute Luas ride from the office where I’ve got as steady a job as I could expect to have as a 22 year old recent college graduate (and far better than I thought I’d be doing at this stage in my life). Yes I’m still single and while there are pros and cons to both forms of relationship status, I’m happy enough to remain so for now. Life has thrown me quite the bundle of lemons and I’m still busy squeezing all the lemonade out of them that I  can.

The second half of that list, which I’ve added to as the year has progressed, started with two goals. Firstly, I wanted to watch the Dark Knight Rises in an IMAX theatre, and secondly, I wanted to see 3 particular act playing live, Rammstien, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Foo Fighters. After tonight, all four of these events can be officially crossed off that list and each one of them will be extremely memorable in their own right.

things that have crept their way onto the list over the last few months range from entering proper races to try and get back in shape (the first of which takes place this coming Saturday in the Phoenix Park), to dressing up like bane from TDKR (I had intended to attend the showing in costume but the mask i ordered didn’t arrive on time. however, with the upcoming DICE (Dublin International Comic Expo) event Bane shall eventually rise).

Long and short of it, I’m very grateful for A, having the opportunity to work where I do giving me the financial stability to afford the things I’ve gotten up to over the last 8 months, and B, for having the family and friends who either supported me in the decisions I’ve made such as moving out or come along for the ride as with the Dark Knight Rises trip and the Foo Fighters tonight.

And hey, there’s still another four months left in the year, who knows what’ll happen between now and then.


The Little Things I Love and Hate 2

It’s been far too long since I last blogged * checks when I last blogged * ok so 3 days, it still feels like ages so here we are back again for another round of blogging about the little things.

So as it’s Valentines day, i’m gonna start with little things I hate. Valentines days cards.

Valentines days cards are one of the most pointless meaningless representations of affection to have been created by card companies world wide. For someone to send a card that has been mass produced multiple times over, it renders the meaning of the sentiment pointless. Love is something that should be able to be expressed without having to send a €5 card that has a crappy poem scrawled on the inside.

Now anyone reading this and thinking I’m being overly bitter, think of it this way; when I was single I didn’t send or receive any cards from anyone that I had a crush on. I never thought more or less of the fact that cards were never exchanged, I just accepted the way things were. However, when I was in relationships and cards were exchanged, I can’t say they made me feel more or less affection towards the partner than receiving a random gift on any other day would make me feel. In fact, personally I’d prefer to get a little present of my partner as a random out of the blue sign of affection than getting a card off them for Valentines day. As a wise man once tweeted,

How is taking someone out the same day that everyone else is going out special. The day before everyone else. Now that can be special.

In the same vain, how is sending someone the same card that a million other people are getting on the same day special? The sentiment is lost the commercialisation of the Saint day.

Wow I really went on there didn’t I. ok something short and sweet for Little things I love…

Picking your phone up just before a text comes in. It gives me a little sense of godliness, as if, by touching my phone it inspired a message to arrive. It doesn’t matter too much who the text is from or the context of the message, but if it contains good news then all the better. I know I know, the messages are actualy sent around 3 seconds before i pick up the phone and there is no way someone could write a text in the fragment of time between my touching of the phone and its alerting me of a message but it’s still fun to have it happen and who knows, maybe I am a god and I just don’t know it yet. SMS GOD AWAY!!!

random Blog update

Ok so I’m just in from work a short while ago and I’ve to actually sleep tonight because I’ve work again in the morning but I decided to write a short post as a sort of personal reminder about what direction I wanna take this blog in the future and this way, if I don’t follow through, I’ll (maybe) get a few people saying “shame on you” for not following through.

So firstly, I’m gonna write a bucket list type thing of 100 things I want to do before I’m 30/40 (i’ll make my mind up later). The reason I’m not calling it a bucket list per say is cause that’s meant to be stuff to do before you die, which I guess would be true in these circumstances… maybe I’ll call it a bucket list… I donno yet. But yeah anyway, the plan is to get writing that by Monday or Tuesday at the latest cause I can’t really do it tomorrow with work and then hopefully watching the Superbowl in the pub afterwards ( I don’t follow or really understand the rules of American football but apparently the first official trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger is gonna be shown and I’m not gonna miss a chance that I might get to see it!

Then there’s a little section that I’ll do every now and then called “The Little Things I Love and Hate” (warning: title subject to change without prior warning.. other than this one). This will be a small two to three sentence per thing segment where I’ll post one thing I love or like and one thing I hate or dislike. Don’t expect something witty and original all the time, I am still human and enjoy/ dislike many common little things so I’ll post them more often than not but from time to time, I’m sure I’ll pop up with a little gem. I’ll try to get around one of these a week, if not more. First one to come…… now! (in 5 minutes i need to get some pics and what not).