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Brief Blog on Smedias

Yesterday was the Student Media Awards and and DCU did extremely well with 5 wins from 9 categories that we were nominated for. In these 9 categories, DCU was represented by 15 nominees so for a single college, that is a huge achievement and I’m proud to be a student there. A special congrats to Boomsticks very own Carly Mathews who, even though she didn’t win, was still one of the final 5 nominees and has done Boomstick proud :). The rest of the night was great fun with us getting fairly drunk in the process so good times all round!

Anyway, I’ve just come back from watching Source Code by Duncan Jones and will write a blog about that later but for now I’m just gonna say a special good luck to all those who ran in the DCU SU elections. was amazed at the turn out at the polling stations this year compared to last year and hopefully this time tomorrow, we will know the final tally. Also, good luck to everyone in the Hybrids next week. Fingers crossed for all of you, except of course, for those who are in the same categories as me, those trophies are mine!!!

OK Bai!! ttyl



Smedias. Can’t blog

Gone to smedias. Can’t blog tonight. Will be back tomorrow