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As part of our final year in DCU we are showcasing the results of our final year projects and I would like to invite you to our showcase Taking place in the Helix, DCU from Wednesday, May 25th till Friday May 27th.

The Exhibition launch will take place on Wednesday 25th at 5pm with the opening speech given by a guess speaker.This will be followed by a wine reception.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see firsthand, our media skills put into practical use and being displayed.

Today’s graduates are tomorrow’s professionals.

RSVP on the facebook event here


Random bus blog 7: blogging for the sake of a blog

Ok so I’m willing to admit I’m only blogging now so that I don’t miss a day from my blog each day for lent thing I’m doing but in my defence, I haven’t given myself much time today to blog. So I thought I might as well put this short blog post to some use.
Ok so first of, go to It’s the website for my final year project group. Now I know there’s probably not an awful lot on it just yet but I’ll start updating it when I get home. Promise.
Next up, if you haven’t checked it out yet, go to my radio show, boomstick’s website at Currently we are looking into getting hosting and server space for podcasting our show and it would be a great help if you know of any cheep good quality podcast hosting sites that you could direct us towards.
Next up, I’m on tumbr. If you’re on it too, follow me and I’ll see if you’re interesting enough to follow back. You can find me there at
Finally I know that there isn’t an awful lot of people who read my blog but if you’re one of the few, thank you.
Ok that’s all I’ve time for. Gtg. Ttyl ttfn