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I’m Back…. well, Almost

So I’m sitting here waiting for this bloody video to render so i can continue to edit it in anticipation of my final year thesis presentation this monday and I thought to myself, why not get back into the habit of blogging.

So just a brief hello again to anyone who bothers to read my random ramblings (that one’s for you John ūüėõ )and thank you to whoever it was who checked back in at least once a day (or, if that person happens to be persons then thank you all of you).

Also, slightly awesome note in my books, if you google “Dark Knight Rises Pre Production” my blog is the first link ūüėÄ so thanks to google and whoever read that blog to get it up there ( I know that it’s just some random thing but I’m a huge fan of the last two films and cannot wait for this one so to have my name linked in anyway to it is awesome!)

Now, I know I’ve a lot to do once I finish my thesis presentation and¬†subsequent Exhibition (25th -27th of this month in the Helix, DCU¬†) such as actual blogging, updating the 30 day challenge pages (I finished it on Facebook but have not had the time to update here), and fill you two in on my plans for the summer but for now, I shall just leave you with a hint as to what my next post will be all about (how will you ever guess):


{edit}: sorry, make that the next post after the next one. The next one is dedicated to my Thesis Exhibition coming up this week that you should totally go to cause it’ll be awesome :D!!!


Legit Excuse for Not Blogging This Time

Well that was a fun day yesterday. Woke up at 6 to a phone call informing me my girlfriends apartment block was on fire. And no, this is not an early April fools day joke, herself and her room mate are currently staying with friends for the next few weeks because the smoke damage to the hall outside their apartment is too dangerous to let them stay. If you don’t believe me read her story and the story in the national paper, the evening herald. So yeah, my day yesterday began far earlier than I had intended and took quite a turn for the worse when they were basically told to suck it and that they weren’t going to be given any alternate¬†accommodation¬†because it wasn’t their landlords¬†responsibility. I, having earlier bought a bottle of fabreeze for them, felt a bit useless really. So the best thing I could think to do was just hang around, offer the use of my phone when they were out of credit, and provide any help that they needed. I honestly haven’t been this stressed out since the leaving cert and can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like for them. So yeah, after many phone calls, texts, emails, talking with the gardai, talking with people in college, and a couple of drinks to try calm the nerves, they’ve thankfully sorted out some¬†accommodation¬†for the short term till the apartments are sorted out and after tomorrow, will hopefully be able to get back to some sort of¬†normality. Read the rest of this entry

Sorry Again :(

I know I said I’d do two proper posts today to make up for the blunder I made yesterday in nearly not posting at all but unfortunately I’m Swamped with work for my final year project so until I make some head way with that, I’m gonna hafta put you guys on hold. I will however, finish the post I had started last night if i get the time, once i’m done with project work.

Until then however, enjoy the ambient elevator music loop that I’ve put you on hold with till I get back.


Oh man I suck at this…

Wow ok so over a week without blogging once? well done Eoin, so much for 3 updates a week. So in fairness to me, I have had one hell of a week filled with crazy emotional¬†roller coasters¬†and paintball along with finally getting glasses. Throw into all that the fact that I’ve my final year project still going on and surely you can excuse my lack of dedication to this thing.

Now, I know I promised a blog about Beardyman and the Blanks but to be completely honest, I think too much time has passed since either to try recount all the loverly little details of the gigs. in short, Beardyman blew my eardrums with the intensity of his drum’n’bass mixes and the blanks burst my gut from laughter at their comical genius as well as making me sqeeee like a little school girl by having a signing afterwards and giving me a short sound clip to use for the radio show I produce on DCUfm called Boomstick. Read the rest of this entry

Random bus blog 4: i gots me a new job :D

Thought I’d just write a short post about the good news I recieved today. So yesterday an e-mail was sent out to the good folk of multimedia and journalism to tell us that a job possition had opened up in the loans office and that they needed someone to take on 10 hours a week there. Loans is basically the place where students in DCU can borrow recording gear like the Sony EX-3 cameras or the maranz audio recorders. Naturally, being in my final year and needing a lot of this gear throughout the next few months, I lept at the opportunity. As soon as I could, I sent in an email requesting the job. I got a reply a few hours later saying that I was in the last 2, and that the choice would be made in the morning.
So off I went to bed, watched some youtube vids, blogged about cameras.and eventually managed to fall asleep.
Up i got at 12 the next morning and realised that I’d completely set back half my day by I dived out of bed and got organized for going to BEARDYMAN!!! that night and then ran to the bus stop so i could book a studio from loans for an interview we’ve got for boomstick with, wait for it, the Blanks (aka Teds band from Scrubs)! next week. So I was at the bus stop when I checked my emails and saw a reply Re the loans job.
I’D WON! WOO!! Well that’s what it felt like anyway. So I made a few calls, organised the rest of my afternoon and hopped on the bus to go in for a brief training of what to do when I start work next monday.
So that’s it basically. I’m on the bus now into college where I will get a load down of what to do and then handly get picked up and swooped off to see beardyman tonight. This year is goin pretty good for me so far. Let’s hope it stays that way.

Should I buy one? DSLRs and the price you pay to get one

So as we all know from reading my blog religiously (right? right?), I’m a Multimedia Student in my final year. So today we were out filming some test footage for our final year project and while the lads messed about with the big cameras ( a lovely sony EX-3, ok so it was only one camera, shut up) I decided to go to camera loans and take out a DSLR or Digital Single Lense Reflix camera to play with. I asked if they had any that could shoot high def video footage cause tomorrow (or today or yesterday etc depending on when you read this) I’m going to see the legendary Beardyman live in concert and I thought it’d be fun to film some of the show (if that’s ok with you mr Beardyman sir). So Dave (that’s the dude ¬†who runs camera loans) told me to take one of the Nikon D3100s and enjoy myself. To be honest, for the last 2 and a half years, i thought camera loans only had 3 different types of DSLR cause they were all we’d been trusted with but because I;m a lovely grown up mature 3rd year now, I guess they think we can handle the nice cameras now. Read the rest of this entry

Random Bus Blog 3: Back to College

So yesterday saw my return to college for the start of my final semester. We only had one lecture aaaannd I missed it cause I had to go home for work. We did however manage to sit down for a few hours to sort out what we have to do this week for our final year project. So what’s in store for me today? Well, rember when you were in playschool and had papet and glue and got to spend your time making a nice big mess? Basically that but instead of making a mess we hope to make a model of what our pod( oh yeah, I should probably do a blog about what the project is at some stage) will look like.
Once we’ve made the model,I’ll post some pics in this post for you all to see. Anywho, I’m kinda sleepy so gonna catch a few mins sleep before the bus gets to college.