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Life Update (Boring bullshit rantings of a guy who just got home from a concert and hasn’t gone to sleep yet)

Don’t know if I’m going to keep this blog very active in the near future, for now, life just seems to be getting in the way. But not in a bad way. At the start of the year, having had quite a few changes happen in a very short space of time over the Christmas Holidays, I set myself a few goals. Not all of them were life changing and most of them were more self indulgent than progressive steps into the realm of adulthood, but it always helps having goals to strive for.

Tip top of the list was to finally move out of my home, get a proper job and maybe even find myself in a relationship of some form of stability. I’m happy enough to have achieved two of the three so far, currently living in a close to city centre house within a 20 minute Luas ride from the office where I’ve got as steady a job as I could expect to have as a 22 year old recent college graduate (and far better than I thought I’d be doing at this stage in my life). Yes I’m still single and while there are pros and cons to both forms of relationship status, I’m happy enough to remain so for now. Life has thrown me quite the bundle of lemons and I’m still busy squeezing all the lemonade out of them that I  can.

The second half of that list, which I’ve added to as the year has progressed, started with two goals. Firstly, I wanted to watch the Dark Knight Rises in an IMAX theatre, and secondly, I wanted to see 3 particular act playing live, Rammstien, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and The Foo Fighters. After tonight, all four of these events can be officially crossed off that list and each one of them will be extremely memorable in their own right.

things that have crept their way onto the list over the last few months range from entering proper races to try and get back in shape (the first of which takes place this coming Saturday in the Phoenix Park), to dressing up like bane from TDKR (I had intended to attend the showing in costume but the mask i ordered didn’t arrive on time. however, with the upcoming DICE (Dublin International Comic Expo) event Bane shall eventually rise).

Long and short of it, I’m very grateful for A, having the opportunity to work where I do giving me the financial stability to afford the things I’ve gotten up to over the last 8 months, and B, for having the family and friends who either supported me in the decisions I’ve made such as moving out or come along for the ride as with the Dark Knight Rises trip and the Foo Fighters tonight.

And hey, there’s still another four months left in the year, who knows what’ll happen between now and then.


Random Bus Blog 8: Clash of the Superhero Movies

A few weeks back, we covered the topic of comic book movies from 2011 versus those of 2012 on my radio show Boomstick. However, I didn’t feel like we had covered the topic in dept enough due to a lack of time and our tendency to ramble on about off topic subjects.
So today I put forward my arguments for and/or against the following superhero movies of 2011/2012:
Thor, Captain America, X-men First Class, Green Lantern.
2012 –
The Amazing Spider-man, Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Superman Man of Steel. Read the rest of this entry

Random Bus Blog 2; The End Of The World As We Know It

So yesterday, as we stood around in the cold waiting on someone who never showed up, there was talk of the Mayan calendar prediction for the end of the world on 21st of Dec next year. Films such as 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow have given us an excessively exaggerated image of the craziness that is to come and the vast majority of people would brush aside such predictions as nonsense and silly.
I, up until recently, would have regarded myself amongst said sane individuals. Lately however I’m not so sure. Having experienced what i think was the coldest winter on record in Ireland (I’ll check when i get home) and seen the crazy floods that happened down under with up to 5 metres of water rushing through the streets of Brisbane, I’m starting to see telltale signs of the impending doom that awaits us. Read the rest of this entry