Smedias. Can’t blog

Gone to smedias. Can’t blog tonight. Will be back tomorrow


Too Tired to Blog

I’m too tired today and I’m getting all sorts of hassle to actually do some work in the house so instead of a proper blog post today, I’m just gonna share my favourite videos that I’ve come across on

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Dark Knight Rises: Pre-Production Preview

The Dark Knight is currently the highest grossing comic book film of all time and is also in the top ten highest grossing films having raked in just over 1 billion dollars world wide since it’s release(before Avitar came out it was fourth in the list having since fallen to seventh with the release of Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland last year).  It has won two Oscars and countless other Awards (well not countless but I couldn’t be bother counting them all). It is personally ranked highly in my 5 favourite films of all time. So the question is, what now? The pressure is on and Nolan has just over a year to to produce what will most definately be the most anticipated sequel of 2012, if not the decade.

So what do we know so far? Well first of all, Two-face is dead. Aaron Eckhart confirmed this shortly after the release of the Dark Knight. Apparently we were meant to see more of the Joker but with the passing of Heath Ledger, his character has also been ruled out of any further appearances. Nolan has stated that the Riddler and Mr Freeze will not be villains in the film and he also stated that he felt that the Penguin is to difficult a character to portray so we can rule him out. As for the teen side kick, Nolan has stated that as long as he is at the helm of the Batman film series, Robin will not be making an appearance in his films. Read the rest of this entry

Evil Dead (and what came before/after) Movie review

Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness

Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness

Up until recently, Sam Raimi was that guy who made the 2 films about Spiderman that were fairly decent… … then sony decided they were going to do a Spider-man reboot so they cut him off for the fourth film. “But Eoin, what about the” THAT FILM NEVER HAPPENED NOW LETS MOVE SWIFTLY ON FROM THE TOPIC AND NEVER TALK OF IT AGAIN!!!

So yeah, I had only ever seen Sam Raimi superhero movies up until recently and was unfamiliar with his horror works for which, apparently, he is better known. So, yesterday, having absolutely nothing else better to do, (other than ya know, college work and what not but who wants to do that) so I took a gander on Along the way, I came across various awesome little videos that I proceeded to post on my Tumblr, my Twitter and my facebook respectively. Eventually, I stumbled upon a website called which, if you couldn’t guess from the name, has a SHIT LOAD of free horror films that you can watch, FOR FREE!!! The best thing about this site was that most of the films( I say most; I only watched three films and two of them were located on the site) didn’t require you to link off to different sites to watch them, they were all embedded right there. They were also all nicely divided into various categories so I decided to head towards the cult film section.

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30 day song challenge : Part 3

Ok so I’m currently in the middle of watching the Evil Dead trilogy by Sam Remi. However, I won’t have time to write a blog about them today because I won’t be finished them till at least 1am so I’m just gonna do another filler blog with the final part of my 30 day song challenge blog posts.

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Random bus blog 10: Time to Get Out of Here Methinks

So I’ve made my mind up. Got the tickets booked. This time next month, I’ll be living it up in Canada. For a while now I’ve been considering whether to stick around and finish college first before I leave or not but thanks to my mate Glen, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. See, Glen has a wierd knack for predicting things right and on Wednesday while we were helping Carly move all her stuff into her new dwellings, he came out with a dream he had where he won the lotto. The numbers he used in said dream were as follows; 4, 7, 23, 28, 34, and the lucky stars were 3 and 5. With all the crappy luck thats happened with everyone I know recently, I assumed that one of us was due a bit of good luck soon so I went out and got a lotto ticket with those numbers on it. Just before I hopped on the bus there to get home, I thought I might as well check my numbers and boom. Jackpot. Well, not quite jackpot, but enough to get me a nice little plane ticket across to Canada on the 27th of this month and a small appartment just outside Torronto.
This all depends, obvously, on a variety of minor details that I have to sort out first. I mean, in all fairness, I do have some form of a life here that I’ll need to sus out but all things going to plan, I’ll be saying eh like a true Canadian by the time the summer is out. I’ll miss you guys but it’s where I find myself gravitating towards and don’t want to pass up the oportunity. Don’t worry though, I’ll be sure to visit every so often. See you all at the end of summer which is when i’ll pop back first probably. Laters 😛

That is One Big Hole!

huge gaping hole

insert "yo mama so fat" joke here

Roughly 12756.2km deep to be precise. I am, of course referring to this site called tall eye that I found which uses google maps to allow you to see where in the world you would appear if you dug a hole straight through the centre of the earth!! It also has the option to see what would cross your path if you walked in a straight circle around the world but that one wasn’t as fun cause there was more searching to do do see if you came across any cool places.

Naturally, the first thing I tried was to see where I’d end up if I phased right through the earth to the other side right now from my bed room and, unfortunately, I was a few kilometres of my desired destination which would have been anywhere in New Zealand. Roughly 500 miles of the coast actually… Anyway, I didn’t really have anywhere else to go with this when I sat down to write this blog, so I’ve decided I’m just gonna pick a few random famous locations and see if they come up anywhere worth mentioning. Read the rest of this entry

I’m on the radio btw. Don’t think i’ve gone into that in much detail

I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to have blogged ever about any of my shows on Boomstick on DCUfm so I thought, why not, I’m on the bus home, it’s fresh on my mind, lets bullshit about that for the next half hour.

So today was my first show presenting properly ever. Carly and Ed were unable to make it for various reasons so I took over the Queen’s seat and Kev took my reigns as producer. I have to say, I think we did a good enough job taking into account that we were missing half our team and hadn’t discussed much of what was coming up on the show (I had been busy all afternoon so the only thing I knew anything about was the Graphic Archive where we talked about Batman Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth with the help of Cormac McAdam). Read the rest of this entry

Legit Excuse for Not Blogging This Time

Well that was a fun day yesterday. Woke up at 6 to a phone call informing me my girlfriends apartment block was on fire. And no, this is not an early April fools day joke, herself and her room mate are currently staying with friends for the next few weeks because the smoke damage to the hall outside their apartment is too dangerous to let them stay. If you don’t believe me read her story and the story in the national paper, the evening herald. So yeah, my day yesterday began far earlier than I had intended and took quite a turn for the worse when they were basically told to suck it and that they weren’t going to be given any alternate accommodation because it wasn’t their landlords responsibility. I, having earlier bought a bottle of fabreeze for them, felt a bit useless really. So the best thing I could think to do was just hang around, offer the use of my phone when they were out of credit, and provide any help that they needed. I honestly haven’t been this stressed out since the leaving cert and can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like for them. So yeah, after many phone calls, texts, emails, talking with the gardai, talking with people in college, and a couple of drinks to try calm the nerves, they’ve thankfully sorted out some accommodation for the short term till the apartments are sorted out and after tomorrow, will hopefully be able to get back to some sort of normality. Read the rest of this entry

30 Day Song Challenge: Part 2

Yes this is kinda taking the easy way out but unfortunately I don’t have an awful lot of time to write today’s post because it’s my mates birthday and I’ve to go have pints with him in a few. So I decided that I’d take the middle third of the 30 day song challenge ( or at the time of posting from 11 -18) and post it as a second post so that the first one isn’t way too long. Read the rest of this entry