Rightio then. This here be my collection of video projects that I’ve uploaded to the interwebs so far. i’m planning to get a vimeo account soon so hopefully this content will then be in better quality. At the moment, they are all just college assignments but once I have a bit of free time, I’ll start making decent videos and upload them too. For now though, heres the first three:

This is a project I did with my mate Mark Duffy. It took us about 10 hours each to do our halves, his is the first half mine is the second, and i’m pretty sure we got a first for it. On a side note, it also won me a phone from Zozzy tv. Yay for me.

Ok next,

This project was the second assignment for the same module as the first one, which I did with Jack O’Donovan, Lizzy Demine and Mark Flynn. I don’t actually appear in it myself till the very end but that’s because I was the cameraman. Anywho, as with the first one, I think we got a high enough grade, 2.1 or a first. Overall I got a first in that module so if it was a 2.1 it only just missed out on the 1st.

Finally (for now),

This is the second assignment for my 3D module this year. Since we haven’t gotten our results back for the first semester yet, I don’t know what grade it got but I’m sure it’ll do all right. resolution could do with fixing though.

Right, when ever I get around to finishing it, I’ll upload my audio assignment from second year which I got a first for (damn straight I got a first for an incomplete project 😛 ). Until then, enjoy what I’ve uploaded and keep reading the blog if you find it entertaining.


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