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i’m only making this category to cover the script i wrote for college. if i write more in the future or write a second draft eventually, i’ll post them up as well.

Random bus blog 12: Multi-Award Winning Me! Cause I’m Cool Like That.

So wow ok, it’s been a while now since I won, really should have posted about this sooner. But yeah… I won! Twice in fact. And the funny part is I wasn’t even there to collect em! Maybe I should start from the beginning.

One of the last times I blogged was the night of the Smedia awards where DCUfm did pretty damn good for itself winning 4 awards over the course of the night. It was also the same day of the Society Awards for which I was nominated for best poster. Winning in the Society Awards leads to a night at the BICS which are the all Ireland Society Awards taking place this Thursday. Unfortunately, style soc won for their poster of cobble stones with a photoshop filter over it (swear I’m not bitter at all…).

But forgetting about my totally un bitter loss there ( it was two weeks ago, I’m over it already!), last week was a second chance for me to shine. For weeks I had sat in work in the loans office where the submission box for the DCU MPS Hybrid Awards remained fairly empty. We had already decided that we would all submit for radio presenter of the year (we being Carly, Kev an I with Boomstick etc) and enter for arts/features show (should have gone for entertainment in hindsight). I also decided that since luck had screwed me over at the Soc Awards, maybe my poster might fair better at the Hybrids.

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Outline and Character Bios For My BAAASHOSE Treatment

Here’s the second half of the last post which is more the first half really because it describes all the little details that you may need to understand to get the other part but feck it here’s the outline and character bios from my treatment of Batman Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth. Read the rest of this entry

First Draft of “Batman Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth” film adaptation

Ok so I thought I might as well get the ball rolling with a little something I wrote for a college assignment in scriptwriting (durh).

I’m not happy with the out come because it was very rushed and took countless sleepless nights to write resulting in my eye going a bit funny but in the end, I handed it up as you see it here. I do plan to edit it and make it good once I’ve graduated but for now, without further ado, I present, my treatment for Batman Arkham Asylum.

Oh sorry a final note before you dive in, if you want to read the outline and character bios I wrote (another 9 A4 pages of bullshit), you can read them in this post here.

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