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Random bus blog 12: Multi-Award Winning Me! Cause I’m Cool Like That.

So wow ok, it’s been a while now since I won, really should have posted about this sooner. But yeah… I won! Twice in fact. And the funny part is I wasn’t even there to collect em! Maybe I should start from the beginning.

One of the last times I blogged was the night of the Smedia awards where DCUfm did pretty damn good for itself winning 4 awards over the course of the night. It was also the same day of the Society Awards for which I was nominated for best poster. Winning in the Society Awards leads to a night at the BICS which are the all Ireland Society Awards taking place this Thursday. Unfortunately, style soc won for their poster of cobble stones with a photoshop filter over it (swear I’m not bitter at all…).

But forgetting about my totally un bitter loss there ( it was two weeks ago, I’m over it already!), last week was a second chance for me to shine. For weeks I had sat in work in the loans office where the submission box for the DCU MPS Hybrid Awards remained fairly empty. We had already decided that we would all submit for radio presenter of the year (we being Carly, Kev an I with Boomstick etc) and enter for arts/features show (should have gone for entertainment in hindsight). I also decided that since luck had screwed me over at the Soc Awards, maybe my poster might fair better at the Hybrids.

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Evil Dead (and what came before/after) Movie review

Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness

Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness

Up until recently, Sam Raimi was that guy who made the 2 films about Spiderman that were fairly decent… … then sony decided they were going to do a Spider-man reboot so they cut him off for the fourth film. “But Eoin, what about the” THAT FILM NEVER HAPPENED NOW LETS MOVE SWIFTLY ON FROM THE TOPIC AND NEVER TALK OF IT AGAIN!!!

So yeah, I had only ever seen Sam Raimi superhero movies up until recently and was unfamiliar with his horror works for which, apparently, he is better known. So, yesterday, having absolutely nothing else better to do, (other than ya know, college work and what not but who wants to do that) so I took a gander on Along the way, I came across various awesome little videos that I proceeded to post on my Tumblr, my Twitter and my facebook respectively. Eventually, I stumbled upon a website called which, if you couldn’t guess from the name, has a SHIT LOAD of free horror films that you can watch, FOR FREE!!! The best thing about this site was that most of the films( I say most; I only watched three films and two of them were located on the site) didn’t require you to link off to different sites to watch them, they were all embedded right there. They were also all nicely divided into various categories so I decided to head towards the cult film section.

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I’m on the radio btw. Don’t think i’ve gone into that in much detail

I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to have blogged ever about any of my shows on Boomstick on DCUfm so I thought, why not, I’m on the bus home, it’s fresh on my mind, lets bullshit about that for the next half hour.

So today was my first show presenting properly ever. Carly and Ed were unable to make it for various reasons so I took over the Queen’s seat and Kev took my reigns as producer. I have to say, I think we did a good enough job taking into account that we were missing half our team and hadn’t discussed much of what was coming up on the show (I had been busy all afternoon so the only thing I knew anything about was the Graphic Archive where we talked about Batman Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth with the help of Cormac McAdam). Read the rest of this entry

30 Day Song Challenge: Part 2

Yes this is kinda taking the easy way out but unfortunately I don’t have an awful lot of time to write today’s post because it’s my mates birthday and I’ve to go have pints with him in a few. So I decided that I’d take the middle third of the 30 day song challenge ( or at the time of posting from 11 -18) and post it as a second post so that the first one isn’t way too long. Read the rest of this entry

Missed a day >.< But it wasn’t my fault!

so yesterday when I sat down to write my blog, I was met by the unfortunate message that WordPress was having some troubles or something along those lines and was down. So basically, I had a rough idea about what I wanted to write about and couldn’t because I couldn’t log in. So sorry for that. I’ll Write up the blog post that I had planned, later on when I’ve more time. Read the rest of this entry

DCUfm 24 Hour Broadcast Endurance Test

24 HOURS OF NON STOP MEEEEEE!!!! possibly… I have to get picked first. So DCUfm, the college radio station where I have my show Boomstick every Wednesday from 7 – 8 pm; we discuss many topics of the nerdy nature (multiple plugplugplug), are hosting a charity 24 hour broadcast-athon where 2 radio DJs will spend a full 24 hours trapped in the studio with no one to keep them company but a few computer monitors and the various random people who stare at them through the windows of the fish bowl that is DCUfm studio in the HUB. Read the rest of this entry

Random Bus Blog 8: Clash of the Superhero Movies

A few weeks back, we covered the topic of comic book movies from 2011 versus those of 2012 on my radio show Boomstick. However, I didn’t feel like we had covered the topic in dept enough due to a lack of time and our tendency to ramble on about off topic subjects.
So today I put forward my arguments for and/or against the following superhero movies of 2011/2012:
Thor, Captain America, X-men First Class, Green Lantern.
2012 –
The Amazing Spider-man, Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Superman Man of Steel. Read the rest of this entry

Random bus blog 7: blogging for the sake of a blog

Ok so I’m willing to admit I’m only blogging now so that I don’t miss a day from my blog each day for lent thing I’m doing but in my defence, I haven’t given myself much time today to blog. So I thought I might as well put this short blog post to some use.
Ok so first of, go to It’s the website for my final year project group. Now I know there’s probably not an awful lot on it just yet but I’ll start updating it when I get home. Promise.
Next up, if you haven’t checked it out yet, go to my radio show, boomstick’s website at Currently we are looking into getting hosting and server space for podcasting our show and it would be a great help if you know of any cheep good quality podcast hosting sites that you could direct us towards.
Next up, I’m on tumbr. If you’re on it too, follow me and I’ll see if you’re interesting enough to follow back. You can find me there at
Finally I know that there isn’t an awful lot of people who read my blog but if you’re one of the few, thank you.
Ok that’s all I’ve time for. Gtg. Ttyl ttfn

Random Bus Blog 6: Return of the Blogi

So in keeping with my lent thing of blogging each day for all of lent, I thought I’d bring back the bus blogs. … Right so I didn’t really think about what to write in this one… I suppose I could just fill you in on what I’ve been up to since I last blogged regularly.
Well last week was Carlys birthday so naturally I had to try sort something our for that so I decided I’d give making her dinner a bash. So, while she went off for a job interview I got some supplies in as well as an absolutely massive sirloin steak. Seriously, this thing was bigger than my head and I’ll be the first to admit to having a fairly large head. So anywho, when we finished up the show for the night ( *plugplugplug*) we headed back to hers and I got started on the meal. Read the rest of this entry

Oh man I suck at this…

Wow ok so over a week without blogging once? well done Eoin, so much for 3 updates a week. So in fairness to me, I have had one hell of a week filled with crazy emotional roller coasters and paintball along with finally getting glasses. Throw into all that the fact that I’ve my final year project still going on and surely you can excuse my lack of dedication to this thing.

Now, I know I promised a blog about Beardyman and the Blanks but to be completely honest, I think too much time has passed since either to try recount all the loverly little details of the gigs. in short, Beardyman blew my eardrums with the intensity of his drum’n’bass mixes and the blanks burst my gut from laughter at their comical genius as well as making me sqeeee like a little school girl by having a signing afterwards and giving me a short sound clip to use for the radio show I produce on DCUfm called Boomstick. Read the rest of this entry