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As part of our final year in DCU we are showcasing the results of our final year projects and I would like to invite you to our showcase Taking place in the Helix, DCU from Wednesday, May 25th till Friday May 27th.

The Exhibition launch will take place on Wednesday 25th at 5pm with the opening speech given by a guess speaker.This will be followed by a wine reception.

Don’t miss this opportunity to see firsthand, our media skills put into practical use and being displayed.

Today’s graduates are tomorrow’s professionals.

RSVP on the facebook event here


I’m Back…. well, Almost

So I’m sitting here waiting for this bloody video to render so i can continue to edit it in anticipation of my final year thesis presentation this monday and I thought to myself, why not get back into the habit of blogging.

So just a brief hello again to anyone who bothers to read my random ramblings (that one’s for you John 😛 )and thank you to whoever it was who checked back in at least once a day (or, if that person happens to be persons then thank you all of you).

Also, slightly awesome note in my books, if you google “Dark Knight Rises Pre Production” my blog is the first link 😀 so thanks to google and whoever read that blog to get it up there ( I know that it’s just some random thing but I’m a huge fan of the last two films and cannot wait for this one so to have my name linked in anyway to it is awesome!)

Now, I know I’ve a lot to do once I finish my thesis presentation and subsequent Exhibition (25th -27th of this month in the Helix, DCU ) such as actual blogging, updating the 30 day challenge pages (I finished it on Facebook but have not had the time to update here), and fill you two in on my plans for the summer but for now, I shall just leave you with a hint as to what my next post will be all about (how will you ever guess):


{edit}: sorry, make that the next post after the next one. The next one is dedicated to my Thesis Exhibition coming up this week that you should totally go to cause it’ll be awesome :D!!!

Random bus blog 11: too much to do. Bye bye blog a day :(

Well, I’ve given up. It was fun while it lasted but unfortunately, with work and my final year project and everything, I have been finding it increasingly difficult to make time to come up with good blog posts. So I’ve decided that for the next month an a half, I’ll only blog if I have time and somethin worth while to blog about. No more blah blah blah posts. On a similar note, no more drunk blogging. Blah blah blah is just lazy and stupid. But yeah, if I don’t blog between now an then, see y’all at the end of may. Ttyl.

I’m on the radio btw. Don’t think i’ve gone into that in much detail

I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to have blogged ever about any of my shows on Boomstick on DCUfm so I thought, why not, I’m on the bus home, it’s fresh on my mind, lets bullshit about that for the next half hour.

So today was my first show presenting properly ever. Carly and Ed were unable to make it for various reasons so I took over the Queen’s seat and Kev took my reigns as producer. I have to say, I think we did a good enough job taking into account that we were missing half our team and hadn’t discussed much of what was coming up on the show (I had been busy all afternoon so the only thing I knew anything about was the Graphic Archive where we talked about Batman Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth with the help of Cormac McAdam). Read the rest of this entry

Legit Excuse for Not Blogging This Time

Well that was a fun day yesterday. Woke up at 6 to a phone call informing me my girlfriends apartment block was on fire. And no, this is not an early April fools day joke, herself and her room mate are currently staying with friends for the next few weeks because the smoke damage to the hall outside their apartment is too dangerous to let them stay. If you don’t believe me read her story and the story in the national paper, the evening herald. So yeah, my day yesterday began far earlier than I had intended and took quite a turn for the worse when they were basically told to suck it and that they weren’t going to be given any alternate accommodation because it wasn’t their landlords responsibility. I, having earlier bought a bottle of fabreeze for them, felt a bit useless really. So the best thing I could think to do was just hang around, offer the use of my phone when they were out of credit, and provide any help that they needed. I honestly haven’t been this stressed out since the leaving cert and can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like for them. So yeah, after many phone calls, texts, emails, talking with the gardai, talking with people in college, and a couple of drinks to try calm the nerves, they’ve thankfully sorted out some accommodation for the short term till the apartments are sorted out and after tomorrow, will hopefully be able to get back to some sort of normality. Read the rest of this entry

brief blog 3

So for the third time in lent, I’m not going to have time to write up a proper blog post today. I’ve got too much to do with the construction of a model for my final year project and walking the dog. I will however  write up a blog tonight after I’ve done all that and a second blog tomorrow afternoon as well.

ok gtg, modelling to be done.

Sorry Again :(

I know I said I’d do two proper posts today to make up for the blunder I made yesterday in nearly not posting at all but unfortunately I’m Swamped with work for my final year project so until I make some head way with that, I’m gonna hafta put you guys on hold. I will however, finish the post I had started last night if i get the time, once i’m done with project work.

Until then however, enjoy the ambient elevator music loop that I’ve put you on hold with till I get back.


Random bus blog 7: blogging for the sake of a blog

Ok so I’m willing to admit I’m only blogging now so that I don’t miss a day from my blog each day for lent thing I’m doing but in my defence, I haven’t given myself much time today to blog. So I thought I might as well put this short blog post to some use.
Ok so first of, go to It’s the website for my final year project group. Now I know there’s probably not an awful lot on it just yet but I’ll start updating it when I get home. Promise.
Next up, if you haven’t checked it out yet, go to my radio show, boomstick’s website at Currently we are looking into getting hosting and server space for podcasting our show and it would be a great help if you know of any cheep good quality podcast hosting sites that you could direct us towards.
Next up, I’m on tumbr. If you’re on it too, follow me and I’ll see if you’re interesting enough to follow back. You can find me there at
Finally I know that there isn’t an awful lot of people who read my blog but if you’re one of the few, thank you.
Ok that’s all I’ve time for. Gtg. Ttyl ttfn

Oh man I suck at this…

Wow ok so over a week without blogging once? well done Eoin, so much for 3 updates a week. So in fairness to me, I have had one hell of a week filled with crazy emotional roller coasters and paintball along with finally getting glasses. Throw into all that the fact that I’ve my final year project still going on and surely you can excuse my lack of dedication to this thing.

Now, I know I promised a blog about Beardyman and the Blanks but to be completely honest, I think too much time has passed since either to try recount all the loverly little details of the gigs. in short, Beardyman blew my eardrums with the intensity of his drum’n’bass mixes and the blanks burst my gut from laughter at their comical genius as well as making me sqeeee like a little school girl by having a signing afterwards and giving me a short sound clip to use for the radio show I produce on DCUfm called Boomstick. Read the rest of this entry

EXAMS!!!! (wait.. what exams? I do multimedia)

So the results are in! First semester of final year over, second well under way and finally, we find out how badly we did in our assignments. Well surprisingly, I didn’t fair too badly. In fact, I’m rather happy with the results I got. 3 first class honours, 2 2.1s and a 2.2 giving me an overall 2.1 for last semester. So, add that to the 2.1 I got last year and all I need to do now is get a first of awesomeness for our final year project and I’ll walk away with the best a man can get from DCUs Bsc in MMA. The results that surprised me the most would definitely have to be my Scriptwriting, my 3D and most of all, Best Practice. Read the rest of this entry