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I’m Back…. well, Almost

So I’m sitting here waiting for this bloody video to render so i can continue to edit it in anticipation of my final year thesis presentation this monday and I thought to myself, why not get back into the habit of blogging.

So just a brief hello again to anyone who bothers to read my random ramblings (that one’s for you John 😛 )and thank you to whoever it was who checked back in at least once a day (or, if that person happens to be persons then thank you all of you).

Also, slightly awesome note in my books, if you google “Dark Knight Rises Pre Production” my blog is the first link 😀 so thanks to google and whoever read that blog to get it up there ( I know that it’s just some random thing but I’m a huge fan of the last two films and cannot wait for this one so to have my name linked in anyway to it is awesome!)

Now, I know I’ve a lot to do once I finish my thesis presentation and subsequent Exhibition (25th -27th of this month in the Helix, DCU ) such as actual blogging, updating the 30 day challenge pages (I finished it on Facebook but have not had the time to update here), and fill you two in on my plans for the summer but for now, I shall just leave you with a hint as to what my next post will be all about (how will you ever guess):


{edit}: sorry, make that the next post after the next one. The next one is dedicated to my Thesis Exhibition coming up this week that you should totally go to cause it’ll be awesome :D!!!


Random Bus Blog 8: Clash of the Superhero Movies

A few weeks back, we covered the topic of comic book movies from 2011 versus those of 2012 on my radio show Boomstick. However, I didn’t feel like we had covered the topic in dept enough due to a lack of time and our tendency to ramble on about off topic subjects.
So today I put forward my arguments for and/or against the following superhero movies of 2011/2012:
Thor, Captain America, X-men First Class, Green Lantern.
2012 –
The Amazing Spider-man, Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Superman Man of Steel. Read the rest of this entry