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these are short spurts of random thought that come to me while i’m out and about but that are to long to cover with a short 140 character tweet or 2.
naturally they’re all from my Samsung Galaxy Europa android phone.

Random bus blog 13: generic personal update on what I’m up to.

Last week, I noticed that my activity on this blog has been next to non existent over the last few months. However, I also noticed at least one person keeps coming here every day for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s just a friend or family member trying to show support for a venture I ended up caving at fairly early on, or if it’s a bot looking for random posts to rip off and reblog under a different name or something, or the vague possibility that there is a genuine fan of my blogs which if that’s the case, I’m humbled. What ever the reason behind those individual daily views is, I thought I might as well give this blogging thing another bash.
It’s not as if I’ve much else to keep me busy with anywho. Still working the same jobs as I was before I finished my degree. Although I do have the added bonus of teaching a workshop in college now on how to use cameras and Photoshop (people’s degrees are dependant on my guidance!!!). Other than that, my life is occupied with rebooting boomstick from DCUfm last year as a podcast and hopefully expanding to other online media with a couple of videos in the works at the moment (will cover in a later blog post). And Minecraft. I reckon my next post will be all about the wonders of Minecraft and how it can consume your life but for now lets just say I’ve likely clocked a good few hundred hours wasting away in front of the computer screen playing that game.
I’ll try post once or twice a week for now and see if I can get back into the flow of regular blogging again. Now however, I need to grab a few z’s before teaching this class. Today’s lesson, Photoshop for beginners (showing them adjustment layers etc). laters.


Random bus blog 12: Multi-Award Winning Me! Cause I’m Cool Like That.

So wow ok, it’s been a while now since I won, really should have posted about this sooner. But yeah… I won! Twice in fact. And the funny part is I wasn’t even there to collect em! Maybe I should start from the beginning.

One of the last times I blogged was the night of the Smedia awards where DCUfm did pretty damn good for itself winning 4 awards over the course of the night. It was also the same day of the Society Awards for which I was nominated for best poster. Winning in the Society Awards leads to a night at the BICS which are the all Ireland Society Awards taking place this Thursday. Unfortunately, style soc won for their poster of cobble stones with a photoshop filter over it (swear I’m not bitter at all…).

But forgetting about my totally un bitter loss there ( it was two weeks ago, I’m over it already!), last week was a second chance for me to shine. For weeks I had sat in work in the loans office where the submission box for the DCU MPS Hybrid Awards remained fairly empty. We had already decided that we would all submit for radio presenter of the year (we being Carly, Kev an I with Boomstick etc) and enter for arts/features show (should have gone for entertainment in hindsight). I also decided that since luck had screwed me over at the Soc Awards, maybe my poster might fair better at the Hybrids.

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Random bus blog 11: too much to do. Bye bye blog a day :(

Well, I’ve given up. It was fun while it lasted but unfortunately, with work and my final year project and everything, I have been finding it increasingly difficult to make time to come up with good blog posts. So I’ve decided that for the next month an a half, I’ll only blog if I have time and somethin worth while to blog about. No more blah blah blah posts. On a similar note, no more drunk blogging. Blah blah blah is just lazy and stupid. But yeah, if I don’t blog between now an then, see y’all at the end of may. Ttyl.

Smedias. Can’t blog

Gone to smedias. Can’t blog tonight. Will be back tomorrow

Random bus blog 10: Time to Get Out of Here Methinks

So I’ve made my mind up. Got the tickets booked. This time next month, I’ll be living it up in Canada. For a while now I’ve been considering whether to stick around and finish college first before I leave or not but thanks to my mate Glen, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. See, Glen has a wierd knack for predicting things right and on Wednesday while we were helping Carly move all her stuff into her new dwellings, he came out with a dream he had where he won the lotto. The numbers he used in said dream were as follows; 4, 7, 23, 28, 34, and the lucky stars were 3 and 5. With all the crappy luck thats happened with everyone I know recently, I assumed that one of us was due a bit of good luck soon so I went out and got a lotto ticket with those numbers on it. Just before I hopped on the bus there to get home, I thought I might as well check my numbers and boom. Jackpot. Well, not quite jackpot, but enough to get me a nice little plane ticket across to Canada on the 27th of this month and a small appartment just outside Torronto.
This all depends, obvously, on a variety of minor details that I have to sort out first. I mean, in all fairness, I do have some form of a life here that I’ll need to sus out but all things going to plan, I’ll be saying eh like a true Canadian by the time the summer is out. I’ll miss you guys but it’s where I find myself gravitating towards and don’t want to pass up the oportunity. Don’t worry though, I’ll be sure to visit every so often. See you all at the end of summer which is when i’ll pop back first probably. Laters 😛

Walkin my dog

These days it seems the only thing i go home for is to walk my dog and sleep. Tonight instead of blogging that is what I’ve ended up doing. Her name is penny. She’s black. She’s small. She’s has enough energy to fuel the country and so it is up to me to try burn some of that off for her. There for, I’m not going to have time to blog properly. Yes, I’m gonna blame it on the dog. She ate my good blog post. Sorry. Anywho blogging and walking is hard so I;m gonna go now. Laters.

Random bus blog 9: whats your superhero power?

I was meant to write this last night before 12 to make up for missing out on a day but to be honest, I felt like I’d die if I didn’t get somw sleep so you get 2 blogs today instead. So today I want to discuss that age old topic everyone has had as a child, what would your super power be? Through the years I’ve constently changed my mind on this. At one stage I was certain I wanted to be like Wolverine. Then I had my Spidey phase for a bit. But if I’m to lool at it realisticly( or as realisticly as I can when it comes to super powers) neither of those would be worth it. Think about it, for Wolverine, yes you’ve the handy healing factor and those claws would make an awesome party trick but the imortality thing would get very annoying when everyone you know starts to die. As for Spider-Man, there’s a big shortage of high raised buildings around dublin so unless I spent my days swinging out of the spire, I can’t see how web slinging would come in handy for transporting me anywhere.
So what is a good power to have? Well in the british tv show misfits, one of the most awesome powers that no one would ever have even considered due to how silly it sounds, is the ability to control dairy products. The milkman could basically kill anyone who pissed him off by messing with the molecular structure of the milk or cheese that was in his victims stomach and causing it to choke them or whatever he felt like doing. The thought that someone out there could kill just by controlling something you had eaten is scary and would be enough to put you off eating dairy for life… if he was real that is. But like most powers, he had a weakness against lactose intolerant people. So he has this incredible ability to kill as he pleases but if he meets someone who’s alergic to dairy, he’s fucked.
My next thought would be well ok if you can’t win with milk control, what about mind control? You’d never have any problem getting your way and it’d be fairly nifty for getting money cause if you were short on change you could just make someone next to you fork over a tenner without questioning what he was doing. However, there would come a point where you’rr trying to control multiple people and eventually it’d all become too much. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it would be to control 10 people let alone 100 or more. So lets say hypathetically, you were being attacked by about 50 people. All of them have guns. Even if you managed to co trol half of them, it would still leave 25 people to shoot you and… Wow this has become kinda morbid.hasn’t it…
Ok. butters. From that episode of south park in imagimation land. I’d like that power. Blink and what ever you want appears in front of you. That’d be really handy. You want cake? You get cake. You want a nice new ford mustang? It’s yours. It’s ultimate powef that as I come to the end of my bus ride I’m failing to see a downside to it. I need sleep. Bam! Think I’ll go for a lie down now. Zzzzzzz

Happy Paddys Day!!!

Well it’s Paddy’s day again. An excuse for millions of people world-wide to go out and get pissed because, lets face it, he’s basically the saint of alcoholism. People see us as a nation of drunks and as such, our patron saint must also be an alcoholic so what better way to celebrate his saint’s day than necking more booze than you can handle.
Another tradition for Paddy’s day (although I’m not sure if it’s just my family or a nation wide understanding) is that today is the one day during lent where you can ignore your resolution and do whatever it was you gave up. Since I’m unsure of this one, I decided to cover myself with this short blog. If it is a thing, then I’m just that small bit more dedicated than I could have been. On the other hand, if it was just a little thing my mum made up when I was a kid so she could eat her fill of cake or what not, then phew, I still haven’t missed a day.
But back to the main point of the blog post, I hope you all have a great day and wish you all a pleasant hangover free morning tomorrow. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to get hammered.

Random bus blog 7: blogging for the sake of a blog

Ok so I’m willing to admit I’m only blogging now so that I don’t miss a day from my blog each day for lent thing I’m doing but in my defence, I haven’t given myself much time today to blog. So I thought I might as well put this short blog post to some use.
Ok so first of, go to It’s the website for my final year project group. Now I know there’s probably not an awful lot on it just yet but I’ll start updating it when I get home. Promise.
Next up, if you haven’t checked it out yet, go to my radio show, boomstick’s website at Currently we are looking into getting hosting and server space for podcasting our show and it would be a great help if you know of any cheep good quality podcast hosting sites that you could direct us towards.
Next up, I’m on tumbr. If you’re on it too, follow me and I’ll see if you’re interesting enough to follow back. You can find me there at
Finally I know that there isn’t an awful lot of people who read my blog but if you’re one of the few, thank you.
Ok that’s all I’ve time for. Gtg. Ttyl ttfn

Random Bus Blog 6: Return of the Blogi

So in keeping with my lent thing of blogging each day for all of lent, I thought I’d bring back the bus blogs. … Right so I didn’t really think about what to write in this one… I suppose I could just fill you in on what I’ve been up to since I last blogged regularly.
Well last week was Carlys birthday so naturally I had to try sort something our for that so I decided I’d give making her dinner a bash. So, while she went off for a job interview I got some supplies in as well as an absolutely massive sirloin steak. Seriously, this thing was bigger than my head and I’ll be the first to admit to having a fairly large head. So anywho, when we finished up the show for the night ( *plugplugplug*) we headed back to hers and I got started on the meal. Read the rest of this entry