wow well ok this is random. I didn’t think I’d be starting up a blog so late into college but there you go. not everyone’s as on the ball as they’d like to be.

anywho, for those who don’t know me and came upon this by accident, I’m Eoin. hi 🙂

ok so I’m a newly aged 21-year-old from Dublin, Dublin, Ireland ( not Dublin, San Fransisco, CA, USA) who is in his, my, whatever final year of a 3 year BSc in multimedia (that’s right bitches, i get a motherfucking science degree in film and sound and web and 3D and imaging and all that malarkey. it’s kinda hard to properly describe the course so just read the prospectus for all the gory details).

(yes I ripped this straight from my hello world post, it’s half 3 in the morning and I’m too lazy to be creatively original right now 😛 )

Right so a little insight into the life of Eoindotcom; i currently work two jobs in order to fuel myself through college life, one in a pub the college loans office and the other in a bakery café sorta place with awesome muffins (some people took to calling me the muffin man briefly… briefly! ). I’m the second eldest in a family of 5 kids who, regardless of the amount of crazy arguments we have all the time, still mean a lot to me (that includes the dog; she’s just bursting with love for everything so it’s hard not to like her).  Outside of family life and oddities, I go to college in DCU where, as I said before, I study multimedia and, currently I’m in my final semester of college. EVER!!! unless of course I decide to go back and do a masters somewhere along the line or something. From the last two and a half years i have made some amazing mates (to add to my collection of amazing mates that i keep stacked in neat piles under my bed) on top of learning some important life lessons (always pack socks when camping kids. trust me, it’s not fun if you forget them). I have also learned a shit load of skills from college with which to make my living in future so if anyone stumbles across this blog and likes what they see in the media section (once it’s updated), please, remember me for your next big tv commercial and i will be more than willing to do it for you.

Should i do a things that interest me part? Ah sure why not.

Okay so I enjoy many things; listening to music, playing music (i play guitar and piano occasionally) reading comics, watching tv shows and films about comics, watching tv shows and films that aren’t about comics, playing video games, playing video games with my mates*, drinking with my mates, generally hanging out with my mates, window shopping at electronics stores, window shopping at phone shops, my new android phone, my newish sony vaio laptop, adobe master collection CS5, my course in college, and basically, anything, just anything at all. except Lady Gaga; don’t ask why i just do not like that… person or their music. never have, never will.

Right, so i think that about sums up me myself and I for the time being. if i find out something new about myself i’ll include it at a later stage but for now, this is it people, this is me laid bare for the world to see. take a good hard look cause it’s not something you see very often (unless you bookmark this page or happen to know people like me… to be honest, i fall into a very generic category of person. i’m a human pick and mix of likes and dislikes with most of my content from the positive side of the candy store.

So yeah, have a look around, and if you see anything you like, feel free to let me know in the comments sections etc.



*mates covers everyone who i know and care for especially my girlfriend of 5 months and counting who has her own blog over on Carlymatthews.me.

  1. John McGuire

    How can it be random to make a decision to start a blog?

    • well, when I started the blog, it was quite spur of the moment and I didn’t even think I’d be keeping up the whole blogging thing at all so it was a random start up to a so far very random varied blog in terms of content. I didn’t aim to start a blog when I logged into my computer the day I did set it up and then it was just suggested to me as a means of distracting myself from the lack of interesting things going on in my life at the time so I think that classifies as random no? If not, I’m not really bothered.

  2. John McGuire

    That’s not random. Buy a fucking a dictionary.

    • Well if you like you can explain your definition of the word to me. Personally though, I really couldn’t give a crap what you think.

  3. John McGuire

    I meant: Buy a fucking dictionary.

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