This is a post about MINECRAFT!!!!!


How to describe Minecraft… Well, as a friend put it, it’s like legos in an old school computer game. you have a variety of different coloured blocks that you can stack on top of each other to build pretty things or you can hack away at them with a pick axe made of diamonds. Whatever you decide to do, you will end up doing it for the rest of your life. To date, Minecraft is probably the most addictive game I have ever played (I even stopped playing Batman Arkham Asylum because of it!!!). With the introduction of “creative mode” in one of the most recent updates to the still-in-bata-masterpiece of a game, the doors have been opened to allow literally limitless creativity (well almost).

But lets not rush into things. What exactly is Minecraft (although shame on you and the rock you’ve been living under if you don’t already know). Still in it’s Beta form, Minecraft is an independently funded computer game, created by Markus “Notch” Persson and his company Mojang, where the player can gather resources by destroying various different types of blocks and from there work their way up to building anything they want limited only by what their minds can imagine and a 64 blocks above sea level height restriction (similarly, you can only mine down so deep before reaching the bedrock which can only be destroyed in creative mode leaving you to spiral down into the abyss of nothingness below the world before a lack of oxygen suffocates you and you die a horrible painful death!).

In its most recent form there are two playing modes, Survival and Creative (Adventure mode is still in a sort of sub beta where by, elements of the mode have been introduced but won’t be fully finalized till the next update or the official release). We’ll start with Survival mode. The object of the game, as I’ve said, is to destroy little coloured blocks to gather resources. So if, for example, you destroy a block of a tree, you will be given a block of wood from that broken block. Next up comes the creating part. from this block of wood, you can get 4 blocks of wooden planks. these planks can then be put together to create a crafting table which allows you to put more blocks together. Now you can begin to gather more wood and build tools such as axes and swords and pick axes. Now that you have tools you can begin to mine faster and gather resources that were previously unobtainable such as stone, iron and coal. With these stone blocks you can build furnaces to smelt the iron ore out of the iron blocks over a fire made from the coal that you’ve obtained and… well you see where it’s going. The limitless boundaries of destruction and creation make this an extremely engaging game.


look out behind you!

However, maybe after a couple of hours digging and building you might think that you’d get board of it all and move back to having a social life and friends. WRONG! you see, on top of having all the fun of creation and destruction, you also have the creatures of the night to look out for. you see, when night falls in Minecraft, you meet all manner of creeps and freaks. There’s the slow paced zombies that spring up out of nowhere, the giant spiders who have a tendency to drop down from above, the skeletons who fire arrows at you, and then, the bane of all Minecraft enthusiast out there, the CREEPERS. Creepers are these armless slimy green things that love darkness and tend to come out at night or in poorly lit mineshafts. the Creeper has a dynamite core and just loves to to blow up right next to the monument to starwars that took you 25 hours to build. Although if you really don’t want to encounter these creeps, you have the option to play in peaceful mode.


The Enderman Stare

Recently a new creature was introduced called the enderman who is this long legged long armed creature of darkness. they will ignore you so long as you ignore them but look them in the eyes and you’re FUCKED! thankfully though, i have yet to meet them because all of my time since the 1.8 release (in which they were introduced) has been spent in Creative Mode!

Creative Mode is where you go when all you want to do is build. You don’t have a health bar so you can’t die (unless you dig through the multiple layers of bedrock screaming “don’t do it you mad man” before eventually letting you fall into the black abyss as i mentioned earlier). The only thing in creative mode is you, the land, and an unlimited abundance of every material available in the game. if you want to build a city of TNT, you can. If you’d prefer to build a scale model of minas tirith, go right ahead. Personally, I decided to start off by creating a giant tribute to Nintendo and Mario (although i have since altered it to include Link and Donkey Kong instead of the Goomba and Koopa Troopa).

So that’s about it really, I’ve run out of things to say (that’s a lie, i’ve been struggling to finish this when I know Minecraft is only a few clicks away). For those of you reading this before November 11th, go buy Minecraft now! it’s still in beta so it’s a fiver cheaper than the full version and you will get the full version anyway once it is released on 11.11.11. If you’re reading this after the 11th, buy the game anyway. Sure it’s only 20 bucks, it won’t drain your bank account. and those of you reading this who already play Minecraft, feel free to link to your creations in the comments below :).

I leave you with this:

minecraft nintendo

minecraft nintendo

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