Random bus blog 13: generic personal update on what I’m up to.

Last week, I noticed that my activity on this blog has been next to non existent over the last few months. However, I also noticed at least one person keeps coming here every day for some reason. I’m not sure if it’s just a friend or family member trying to show support for a venture I ended up caving at fairly early on, or if it’s a bot looking for random posts to rip off and reblog under a different name or something, or the vague possibility that there is a genuine fan of my blogs which if that’s the case, I’m humbled. What ever the reason behind those individual daily views is, I thought I might as well give this blogging thing another bash.
It’s not as if I’ve much else to keep me busy with anywho. Still working the same jobs as I was before I finished my degree. Although I do have the added bonus of teaching a workshop in college now on how to use cameras and Photoshop (people’s degrees are dependant on my guidance!!!). Other than that, my life is occupied with rebooting boomstick from DCUfm last year as a podcast and hopefully expanding to other online media with a couple of videos in the works at the moment (will cover in a later blog post). And Minecraft. I reckon my next post will be all about the wonders of Minecraft and how it can consume your life but for now lets just say I’ve likely clocked a good few hundred hours wasting away in front of the computer screen playing that game.
I’ll try post once or twice a week for now and see if I can get back into the flow of regular blogging again. Now however, I need to grab a few z’s before teaching this class. Today’s lesson, Photoshop for beginners (showing them adjustment layers etc). laters.


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