Random bus blog 12: Multi-Award Winning Me! Cause I’m Cool Like That.

So wow ok, it’s been a while now since I won, really should have posted about this sooner. But yeah… I won! Twice in fact. And the funny part is I wasn’t even there to collect em! Maybe I should start from the beginning.

One of the last times I blogged was the night of the Smedia awards where DCUfm did pretty damn good for itself winning 4 awards over the course of the night. It was also the same day of the Society Awards for which I was nominated for best poster. Winning in the Society Awards leads to a night at the BICS which are the all Ireland Society Awards taking place this Thursday. Unfortunately, style soc won for their poster of cobble stones with a photoshop filter over it (swear I’m not bitter at all…).

But forgetting about my totally un bitter loss there ( it was two weeks ago, I’m over it already!), last week was a second chance for me to shine. For weeks I had sat in work in the loans office where the submission box for the DCU MPS Hybrid Awards remained fairly empty. We had already decided that we would all submit for radio presenter of the year (we being Carly, Kev an I with Boomstick etc) and enter for arts/features show (should have gone for entertainment in hindsight). I also decided that since luck had screwed me over at the Soc Awards, maybe my poster might fair better at the Hybrids.

On the final day of submissions, everyone came to enter… Everyone! The box was literally at breaking point from all the entries. “Well, there goes my chance at poster of the year” I thought as I saw multiple posters being slipped into the box. Then the girl in charge of the box, Robyn, told me that no-one had entered for script of the year yet. Bam! That was my gold mine. I had done script writing last semester. I had a script written. Easy win for me. Done. Submitted. Kev, who just happened to be sitting in loans with me when this news was unvealed decided he too would enter a script he had come up with a while back so he typed it up and sent it in too. A bit of competition, didn’t worry me too much. After all, I only entered for the laugh. Then I mentioned to our mate Cormac that he should enter his thesis. So he did and I accepted the fact that if I was going to be collecting any award on the night, it would be Cormac’s award foe best script that he would be unable to collect due to other commitments.

So the Smedias came and went, the soc awards didn’t bring me any joy, roll on last Wednesday. Work till 4, prep for radio till 5, get dressed in my nice suit and finish getting ready for the rest of the night ahead till half 6/ 5-to-7. Show went quite well. The show was meant to begin at 8 but when we left the studio by 5 past, we assumed we would have time for a drink or two and a platter of food before it came to the radio awards category cause, in all fairness, those were the only ones we had a chance in. So roughly about 9ish we finished up in the bar, went outside for a smoke, then sneaked quietly in the door at the back.

BANG! The door just had to slam behind us and draw all attention to the fact that the late comers, those too high and mighty to show up to an award show on time, had finally arrived. We made our way into one of the empty back rows. That was the intention anyway. As I moved to slip into the row of seats, DCUfm station manager Dennis MacEvoy, stormed up the steps silently shouting at me asking where I had been. “You’ve won two bloody awards! where the hell were you???”

“He’s drunk” I thought to myself. No way would they do the radio awards first and how the hell could I have won best presenter? My entry was crap. He must be pulling my leg.
I sat down and went to tell the others what drunken ramblings Dennis had imparted on me but was interrupted by a friend who was sitting in front of me turning to tell me the exact same thing. “Ok this is weird now. Is it some sort of prank that a group of people I know are playing on me? Why is everyone saying I won?” I checked my phone. It had been dying all night so after I had to wait for it to load up again but when it did, I found I had 4 new texts claiming I had just won the awards.

At this point, Dennis came marching back up to me and handed me two glass awards, one for poster of the year, the other for script. He then dragged me out of my seat and down to the front rows where he made me wait for a couple of minutes so he could get me up on stage to make a speech. All around me, people I knew were congratulating me on my wins and still, even with the awards firmly in my grasp, I didn’t believe what had happened. I was ushered onto the stage in front of about 100 people, maybe less (it was hard to tell with the lights shining in my eyes), and stood there, hazardously waving the awards about without a clue of what to say.

After making a speech for what felt like an eternity of stumbling over words and twisting tongues, I made my way back to the stands and took my seat. Carly won best Radio presenter, (and honestly I think I was happier for her winning that than for my two wins because it still felt like some elaborate hoax where any moment a guy with a camera would hop out from under the seats and everyone in the audience would turn and laugh in my face about it as Dennis took the awards off me and gave them to the real winners) and we had a few drinks to celebrate our wins afterward. I don’t think it really sunk in till Friday when I finally got home and put them on the mantle piece above the fireplace in my sitting room that I was an award winning graphic designer/scriptwriter.

So now that I have actually had time to let it settle in, here is my acceptance speech, with a bit more thought and a lot less stammering and stuttering than the one I made on the night.

First off, thank you to Vanessa Monaghan for collecting both awards for me. I really appreciate that and owe you big time. I’d like to thank everyone who supported me while working on both pieces, to everyone who told me to stop tweaking the poster before I ruined it even though I felt that if I could have just one more day working on it, I could make it perfect, and to everyone who put up with me as I slowly descended into madness while writing the 24 pages for script writing over the course of 3 sleepless days fulled by about 10 times the lethal dose of caffeinated energy drinks and junk food; I know I stank and needed to get sleep/shower so thanks for not pointing that out to me too much (although in hindsight, you might have been saying it to me, I just don’t remember due to my lack of ability to take in anything that was being said other than deadline in an hour, deadline in 30 mins etc. I would like to give a shout out to Carly and congratulate her on bringing glory to the Boomstick family. And finally *get off the stage music plays and drowns out the rest of my speech*


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  1. John McGuire

    This is so interesting, not at all narcissistic and definitely random. Well done.

  2. John McGuire

    I wish I had a Hybrid (whatever it is). It’s like what every employer is after. How often do you hear people say: “Give that man a job, he won a hybrid”? Like all the time. That’s a fact. Maybe someday when I perfect my epic randomness I can join the talented few like you. Everyone who works for tv3 won a hybrid. That’s a fact.

    • so here’s the thing, my blog, as public an all as it is, is still just about the things that happen to me or the things I happen to be interested in. I posted about winning my Hybrid awards (they’re the DCU equivalent of an Oxygen Student Media Awards and if you don’t know what they are then google it!) because I happened to be quite honoured by the fact that I won 2 of them when I didn’t expect to win any at all.

      As for the random thing, get over it. I’m not gonna change that because some troll told me my blog’s not random. The thing I just don’t get is, if it angers you to see my blog referred to a random blog, then why do you keep coming back to read it? I mean, by all means keep reading it. It’s nice to know that at least somewhere my blog is being read (if not appreciated at the same time). but if your only complaint is that my blog is not random as i claim it to be, then why bother coming back every few weeks to spam it again?

  3. John McGuire

    Sorry but if I googled Hybrids I think I’d find out a lot about cars, that’s so random isn’t it? Like the award is so much more important than those stupid cars. That’s a fact.
    I’ll continue to read your diary as long as you promise it’ll always be 1: epic, 2: random, 3: about buses.

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