Dark Knight Rises: Pre-Production Preview

The Dark Knight is currently the highest grossing comic book film of all time and is also in the top ten highest grossing films having raked in just over 1 billion dollars world wide since it’s release(before Avitar came out it was fourth in the list having since fallen to seventh with the release of Toy Story 3 and Alice in Wonderland last year).  It has won two Oscars and countless other Awards (well not countless but I couldn’t be bother counting them all). It is personally ranked highly in my 5 favourite films of all time. So the question is, what now? The pressure is on and Nolan has just over a year to to produce what will most definately be the most anticipated sequel of 2012, if not the decade.

So what do we know so far? Well first of all, Two-face is dead. Aaron Eckhart confirmed this shortly after the release of the Dark Knight. Apparently we were meant to see more of the Joker but with the passing of Heath Ledger, his character has also been ruled out of any further appearances. Nolan has stated that the Riddler and Mr Freeze will not be villains in the film and he also stated that he felt that the Penguin is to difficult a character to portray so we can rule him out. As for the teen side kick, Nolan has stated that as long as he is at the helm of the Batman film series, Robin will not be making an appearance in his films.

Bane and Catwoman

Bane and Catwoman

Returning for this film we will see all the old familiar faces such as Gary Oldman (Commissioner Gordon), Morgan Freeman (Lucius Fox), Michael Cane (Alfred Pennyworth) and naturally, Christian Bale as the grisly toned Batman/ Bruce Wayne. At the start of this year, it was confirmed that Tom Hardy of Inception fame would be joining the cast as primary antagonist, Bane and that Anne Hathaway was going to play Selina Kyle (aka Catwoman).  In the last month two more names have been confirmed by the studios with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Juno Temple both joining Nolan for his penultimate Batman film in this series in as yet unconfirmed roles.

That’s right, Gordon-Levitt’s role in the film is still to be announced. Around two weeks ago, Variety announced that they had heard from an insider that JGL was set to take over from Tom Wilkinson as Alberto Falcone or the Holiday Killer as he is also known. However, EW released a report that Variety had been falsely informed, according to their inside man. As for Anne Hathaway’s role as Catwoman, we have yet to receive confirmation whether she will don the black leather or not. In an interview she did with Oprah, she constantly refers to the role as that of Catwoman but it has yet to be confirmed by the studios if Catwoman will make an appearance or if Ms Kyle will soley be a love interest.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Juno Temple

the new blood

There is also the role of Juno Temple to take into consideration. Many Rumours have been circulating that she will be playing the role of Talia Al Ghul, Daughter of the Liam Neeson character from the first film, who is also both lover and foe of batman in the comics, baring him a child. This would fit in with what Gary Oldman said in a recent interview about how this film brings it back to Batman Begins. Another speculation has arisen with the announcement that Temple will be playing the role of a street smart Gotham girl, leading some to believe that she may play the role of Selina Kyle’s sidekick, Holly Robinson, who appeared in the Frank Miller Year One story arch. Year One has been cited as a major influence for the world of the Nolan film series so this too is a very plausible role for her. Another rumour that I got from her Wikipedia page (the devil of research I know) is that she might be playing the role of Stephanie Brown who became the 4th Robin and 5th Batgirl in the comics as well as her own superheroine the Spoiler. Personally, I don’t think this will be her role because it would involve Nolan either going back on his word about not bringing robin into the series, have to introduce another villain, the cluemaster who was the reason Brown became the Spoiler (which would make too many villains and heroes and leave a very messy Spiderman 3 esque film which Nolan would be ruined for doing), or introducing batgirl, which would require Bruce to reveal his identity to someone and in a film with Bane who will inevitably be trying to unveil Batman’s true identity, is the last thing that Bruce would want to do. However, there is still time and time has proven people wrong in their speculations before (see above re Gordon-Levitt as Falcone).

The topic of who these two will play in the film will be constantly tossed about with suggestions from fans that JGL should play nightwing or black mask already doing the rounds now that he has been dismissed as Falcone. what we do know however is that, with Bane confirmed in the picture, there is a huge chance we will see the bat break. One of the most hotly talked about story lines for this film is the whole Knightfall story arch where Bane manages to decipher Batman’s true identity with ease, release all of gothams criminals to the streets again, analyse his prey, and eventually, stroll into the batcave and brake batman’s back. If only to see the pompous git that Christian Bale has become getting his spine shattered, I hope that this is part of the story. I will, however, leave all speculation to the forums and gossip magazines.

Nolan has a lot to live up to following the Dark Knight but with a solid cast, most of whom he has worked well with before, I have faith that he will deliver a film worthy of following on from Heith Ledgers performance in the Dark Knight. Stay tuned for an eventual update sometime in the next few weeks when they start filming and everyone has a set indisputable role.


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