That is One Big Hole!

huge gaping hole

insert "yo mama so fat" joke here

Roughly 12756.2km deep to be precise. I am, of course referring to this site called tall eye that I found which uses google maps to allow you to see where in the world you would appear if you dug a hole straight through the centre of the earth!! It also has the option to see what would cross your path if you walked in a straight circle around the world but that one wasn’t as fun cause there was more searching to do do see if you came across any cool places.

Naturally, the first thing I tried was to see where I’d end up if I phased right through the earth to the other side right now from my bed room and, unfortunately, I was a few kilometres of my desired destination which would have been anywhere in New Zealand. Roughly 500 miles of the coast actually… Anyway, I didn’t really have anywhere else to go with this when I sat down to write this blog, so I’ve decided I’m just gonna pick a few random famous locations and see if they come up anywhere worth mentioning.

Ok so I decided I’d start with the Egyptian Pyramids. Those guys knew what they were doing when they built them to align properly with the sun and all that jazz so what’s stopping them from planting the Pyramids at the exact opposite side of the world from some other ancient wonder right? Well, the Pacific Ocean kinda gets in the way there… You’d actually end up relatively close to the centre of it actually, so technically  you’d find yourself in the middle of the ocean. That’s something right? No? Ok lets move on.

Ok lets try a little more east, how about the Taj Mahal? Nice looking palace, over looks the Yamuna river, was a built in memory of some emperors dead wife, has to be something cool on the other side right? If you Like deep sea fishing then yeah, I guess it’d be cool but otherwise, you’ll just be floating in the Pacific again. Man that’s a big ocean. We need to go further east. Great Wall here I come.

Ok, so I used Wikipedia to find out a name of one of the more famous towers on the wall from which to dig and came across this one called Jinshanling which means… well I’m not sure really, don’t have an awful lot of time to research this stuff. but anyway, regardless of what it means, it’s a part of the wall and is hopefully opposite somewhere cool like area 51 or somthing. Actually, if it’s not, I might do that for my next search. Ok so the Jinshanling section of the Great Wall of China is opposite.. *Drum roll*… LAND!!! somewhere… in South America it seems, in Argentina to be precise. Aaannd it’s north of the Rio Negro river. Well that’s something ish. Apparently it’s one of the most important rivers in the Argentinian province of Rio Negro, naturally. Ok well it’s nothing amazing but at least it’s land for once. Fine, lets go to Area 51.

Ok so Area 51. Famous for housing all sorts of alien creatures from outer space and withholding alien technology from us mere mortals so the big corporate American businesses can make billions once they finally release them. I’ve always been curious to visit. Might do some day. Ok, let’s see where this lands and it’s water again. this time smack bang in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I’m starting to believe that all land mass in the world is opposite water. Ok lets see about the Sydney Opera House. Maybe that’s across from somewhere cool..

The Sydney Opera House is an amazing place that I’ve had the opportunity to visit once or twice during my travels. Surely this will have a good view when you end up surfacing on the other side. Nope, this time you get landed in the middle of the Atlantic. Not too far away from the Marina Trench mind you but still, it’s still just ocean. Ok I’m starting to get a little sick and tired and also a bit bored with this now so i’m gonna do one last one which shall be, the Eiffel Tower.

Ok Eiffel Tower prove me wrong. Nope, MORE BLOODY WATER. What about Vegas? Water. Mexico City? More Water! Statue of Liberty? WA… well ok it does begin in water anyway but still, once again, it comes up in water!!! That’s it I give up. All this thing has shown me is that all land mass is opposite a body of water and the only place that are mirrored with another body of land mass are probably very unimportant locations anyway. Still, when it comes down to it, this is a pretty nifty little tool and if I had days, I’d probably try and find out exactly how much land mass overlaps on the world map just because i’m cool like that. Ok, sleepy now. time to edit some videos. ttyl


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