I’m on the radio btw. Don’t think i’ve gone into that in much detail

I’ve noticed that I don’t seem to have blogged ever about any of my shows on Boomstick on DCUfm so I thought, why not, I’m on the bus home, it’s fresh on my mind, lets bullshit about that for the next half hour.

So today was my first show presenting properly ever. Carly and Ed were unable to make it for various reasons so I took over the Queen’s seat and Kev took my reigns as producer. I have to say, I think we did a good enough job taking into account that we were missing half our team and hadn’t discussed much of what was coming up on the show (I had been busy all afternoon so the only thing I knew anything about was the Graphic Archive where we talked about Batman Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth with the help of Cormac McAdam).

By the way, for those who don’t know, I should probably explain a bit about Boomstick and what it’s all about. Boomstick is the brainchild of Ed and Carly, which I fluked my way into producing by being present for their first show and being told to sit in the producers chair and  help out, eventually leading to me becoming the third official member. After the Christmas break, Kev was recruited originally as a replacement and then as a co-presenter for Ed and Carly. On the show, we discuss everything from nerdy comics and films in The Graphic Archive and Rewind, to internet memes in memebase, and we even have a segment where we compare various rival items like mac vs pc, Kirk vs Picard, Twitter vs Facebook etc, called Faceoff. Other segments are filled up with pop culture news and nerdy gossip and discussion about the latest techy news. The show generally has a very light hearted air to it, and is one of the more enjoyable times spent in college these days acting as a sort of release from the stress of Final Year Project work and actual work.

So tonight’s show ended up being myself and Kev with help from Cormac for a good bit of the second half which consisted of a good 15 minutes talking about Batman towards the end. Up until recently I’ve always disliked the sound of my own voice, still do now to a certain extent. However, the first week that Carly missed, back when she was visiting the Amish community of Ireland for her thesis project, I decided I’d chip in a bit and share my opinions on various topics of discussion with Kev and Ed. Even though, it was only a small portion of the show that I talked for, and even though I still disliked the sound of my voice to a certain extent, I enjoyed the chance to finally air my opinions on air instead of having to write small notes for Carly to read out during the live broadcast.

Tonights show involved a lot of talking on my part which felt strange having produced the show up until that time but we managed fairly nicely save for a few out-of-our-control sound technical difficulties and the occasional momentary human error. But I’m semi tempted to continue presenting as well as producing once I get my producers job back in a few weeks.

Ok, Dozing off now, Congrats to Carly again for her Smedia award nomination, the boomstick family will all be there in support for you. Now to go edit my entry for best dj in the DCU MPS Hybrids! It Shall Be Mine!!! (probably not though)…


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  1. You do have a good speaking voice + everyone hates the sound of their own voice (I can’t stand mine & I’m supposed to be a good singer). Keep up with the presenting.

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