Legit Excuse for Not Blogging This Time

Well that was a fun day yesterday. Woke up at 6 to a phone call informing me my girlfriends apartment block was on fire. And no, this is not an early April fools day joke, herself and her room mate are currently staying with friends for the next few weeks because the smoke damage to the hall outside their apartment is too dangerous to let them stay. If you don’t believe me read her story and the story in the national paper, the evening herald. So yeah, my day yesterday began far earlier than I had intended and took quite a turn for the worse when they were basically told to suck it and that they weren’t going to be given any alternate accommodation because it wasn’t their landlords responsibility. I, having earlier bought a bottle of fabreeze for them, felt a bit useless really. So the best thing I could think to do was just hang around, offer the use of my phone when they were out of credit, and provide any help that they needed. I honestly haven’t been this stressed out since the leaving cert and can’t even begin to imagine what it must have been like for them. So yeah, after many phone calls, texts, emails, talking with the gardai, talking with people in college, and a couple of drinks to try calm the nerves, they’ve thankfully sorted out some accommodation for the short term till the apartments are sorted out and after tomorrow, will hopefully be able to get back to some sort of normality.

An added bucket of stress for my life on top of worrying about all of that was a letter I had received last Friday informing me  that I had 5 days to pay up a €50 fine to Dublin Bus for an unpaid bus fair or they would be taking legal actions against me(5 days which was in reality only 3 because their offices were closed on the weekend). So thankfully my dad offered to take that stress off my back when the whole fire situation blew up (pardon the pun), but it was returned to me when I got a call informing me that because it wasn’t his fine, he wasn’t able to sort it all out. So this morning, after sticking with Carly till about mid day, at which point they had been offered accommodation in various places so that was a load of my mind, I made my way into town to try sort out the bus ticket situation and after a good half hour of waiting around, got off scot free and had my ticket returned to me. WHY! Why does life have to throw so much stress at me if it’s just gonna make things ok again! I have enough of it as it is with worrying about my final year project and life in general without having to have fires and court cases weighing me down as well.

I’ve given up on twilight for the foreseeable future, I’ll get back into it after I finish college. roll on summer when stress will hopefully be a thing of the past!

Sit out in the back garden. Cold beer in one hand. Twilight in the other. Sunglasses. The Kinks in the background. Peace. (scratch the twilight bit actually, chances are I never read it all).


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