30 Day Song Challenge: Part 2

Yes this is kinda taking the easy way out but unfortunately I don’t have an awful lot of time to write today’s post because it’s my mates birthday and I’ve to go have pints with him in a few. So I decided that I’d take the middle third of the 30 day song challenge ( or at the time of posting from 11 -18) and post it as a second post so that the first one isn’t way too long.

So to remind you of the categories, here’s the  list of what type of song you’ve to post each day, just on the off chance you haven’t done the challenge yourself and want to give it a go:

Day 1 : Your Favourite song

Day 2 : Your Least Favourite song

Day 3 : A song that makes you happy

Day 4 : A song that makes you sad

Day 5 : A song that reminds you of someone

Day 6 : A song that reminds you of somewhere

Day 7 : A song that reminds you of a certain event

Day 8 : A song that you know all the words to

Day 9 : A song that you can dance to

Day 10 : A song that makes you fall asleep

Day 11 : A song from your favourite band

Day 12 : A song from a band you hate

Day 13 : A song that’s a guilty pleasure

Day 14 : A song no one would expect you to love

Day 15 : A song that describes you

Day 16: A song that you used to love but now hate

Day 17 : A song that you hear often on the radio

Day 18 : A song that you wish you heard on the radio

Day 19 : A song from your favourite album

Day 20 : A song that you listen to when you’re angry

Day 21 : A song that you listen to when you’re happy

Day 22 : A song that you listen to when you’re sad

Day 23 :A song that you want to play at your wedding

Day 24 : A song that you want to play at your funeral

Day 25 : A song that makes you laugh

Day 26 : A song that you can play on an instrument

Day 27 : A song that you wish you could play

Day 28 : A song that makes you feel guilty

Day 29 : A song from your childhood

Day 30 : Your favourite song this time last year.

After the jump, I”ll post days 11 – 20. days 1 – 10 are here

Day 11 : A song from your favourite band : Resistance by Muse

I’m going to be honest, I only discovered Muse about 4 years ago when they Played Oxegen 2007. Before that the only time I’d heard their music was a cover of a Queen song they did that was played on Phanthom fm before it became full of popy techno crap. However, the moment I laid eyes on the stage set up, that involved these huge screens that took a whole Rodrigo y Gabriela show to erect, I knew it was going to be an awesome show. And it was. I immediately, as in the day after I arrived home from Oxegen, went out and bought 3 of their albums and listened to them constantly for about a month or so. Ever since, I’ve always regarded them amongst my top 2 bands (alternating with the Red Hot Chili Peppers who are due a shot at number one sometime soon, maybe when their new album comes out). Anywho, since, Oxegen 2007, I’ve managed to see Muse twice live, in Marley Park 2008 (I won 4 tickets to that show and a flat screen tv for that matter 😛 ), and last year at Oxegen once again. As for why I chose this particular song and not one of their older ones or more popular ones, it’s because this has been stuck in my head along side Undisclosed desires ever since they started playing them in work aand although I prefer Undisclosed Desires personally, Resistance is the one that is currently getting air time in work so it is freshest in my mind at the moment. It doesn’t matter though, all their music is amazing anyway!

Day 12 : A song by a band you hate : Teenagers by My Chemical Romance

So I wouldn’t go so far as to say I hate MCR, hate is a very strong word after all. I dislike the vast majority of emo music due primarily to the self pitying lyrics etc but I’m willing to admit that some of the guitar riffs in their songs are catchy. I do, however, disagree wit lyrics that seems to be about bringing a gun to school to commit a Columbine  style massacre. I’ll still post the video though for 2 reasons, 1; it was directed by the same dude doing the spider-man reboot and I’ve respect for him as a director with his previous work on (500) days of Summer, and 2, because at the end you get to see a bunch of kids attack the band.

Day 13 : A song that’s a guilty pleasure : Sk8r Boi by Avril Lavigne

What. Admit it, when that song plays on the radio, you find yourself singing along to it too. It’s a catchy tune and she has that cute pop punk chick look about her too so what’s not to like. Yes, I’ll admit, I’ve seen her live in concert (it was at a festival) and I sang along to a good few of her songs but you know what, who cares. I was definitely not the only one of my mates there. And definitely not the only guy there as well.

Day 14 : A song no one would expect you to love : Suspicious Minds by Elvis

This was a tricky one because I don’t have a clue what people do or do not expect me to like. So I decided I’d go with Elvis because it’s not the kind of thing I go around shouting from the roof tops and it’s not the normal type of music I listen to (main stream crap, rock, metal etc). I’m Not ashamed to like Elvis either though. If someone asked me did I like Elvis, I’d probably give them a funny look cause it’s a bit of a random question but the answer would be yes. Suspicious Minds is by far my favourite Elvis song so that’s why I chose that for this.

Day 15 : A song that describes you Muffin Man by Frank Zappa

I’ve heard this song countless times thanks to my brothers fascination with Frank Zappa. I’ve always associated it with myself because I’m constantly being called the muffin man by my mates due to the fact that I work in a muffin shop and occasionally supply them with free muffins that are left over at the end of the day. I also chose this over the nursery rhyme version because it has an awesome guitar solo and, although it’s been a while since I’ve picked up a guitar properly, I love playing and at one stage was possibly able to churn out solos of that magnitude.

Day 16: A song that you used to love but now hate : I Love You by Barney the Dinosaur

Ok so generally I don’t dislike songs. More to the point, most music I do like, I tend to keep liking or forget about. That made this one very difficult. That was until I thought back far enough to my early days as a baby/ toddler sat in front of the telly watching a big green and purple dinosaur sing and dance with little kids and tell them he loved them in song. I’m not 100% sure but my guess is, I used to love that song. Now however, I find it quite irritating and disturbing thinking about the fact that there is a fully grown adult in that suit who may very well be a paedo and he is singing and dancing with those little children. Don’t get me wrong, he might not be a paedo, but there’s something about those eyes that I don’t trust…

Day 17 : A song that you hear often on the radio :  Wheels by Foo Fighters

This is actually one of my favourite songs at the moment. Every day I hear it on radio nova (100.3fm in the Dublin area), however, I only hear the full song occasionally. This is due to the fact that an ad for the stations Android and iPhone apps begins with the intro of this song only to cut it off after 2 seconds. However, when I do hear the full version, it’s a very satisfying 4 and a half minutes of bus time passed by (normally I’m on a bus when listening to the radio). HEY NOVA, PLAY WHEELS MORE OFTEN!!! Thank you.

Day 18 : A song that you wish you heard on the radio : Killing in the Name of by Rage Against the Machine

Remember back in 2009 when this song was Christmas number one in the UK? Remember how it only got to number two here in Ireland and none of the radio stations would play the full version because they swear a bit towards the end? Yeah. That. Stupid censorship laws mean that this glorious song rarely, if ever, gets air time on the radios. I’d love to hear it played every now and then. Even just once every month or so to remind people how a small group of people on facebook managed to gather such a large support against the X-Factor and it’s chart controlling ways that they got a song from nearly 20 years ago to the top of the charts ahead of Simon Cowells pawns. FUCK YOU I WON’T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!! To hear that on radio again would be epic!

Day 19-20 still to come.

also, tags to come when i get home from this thing.


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