Finally! Back in Action

Today, for the first time in almost 6 months, I, Eoin O’Sullivan, Secretary and supervising PRO of DCU Paintball Society, finally found my way back onto the playing field with a marker (well, various different markers to be precise) in my hand where, up until now, had rested a handy cam or DSLR at various paintball trips. Of the 5 trips our society has held this year, I’ve unfortunately been unable to attend 2 of them due to work commitments. Today however, was the second of our intervarsities training sessions so, as I had missed last Wednesdays training, I had to make sure to keep today clear.

Needless to say, I am covered in bruises from the trip but surprisingly much less than the usual outcome of a paintballing trip in which I partake. My hair is greasy with paint oils, my arms ripped to shreds from sliding through bark mulch with my sleeves rolled up. Every muscle in my body is aching from a lack of any proper physical exercise in months. I was shot in my head, my arms my chest, one paintball evern broke the skin on my hand. It is a ruthlessly violent sport that, if played incorrectly and stupidly, could be potentially deadly (side note, only one person has ever died while playing paintball from what I’ve heard and that was due to a heart attack as opposed to him being shot dead. however, if you don’t play by the rules, there is a high risk you could loose an eye or something so yeah.. keep your mask on!)! So why do I enjoy playing a sport that causes me physical harm so much?

To be honest, it’s hard to say. A large part of it is probably having the ability to shoot people without actually killing them. It’s like taking COD and replacing the controller with a fire arm, and taking the tv screen and replacing it with a visor through which to see your opponent. Only you feel the hits when you get hit and in this world, there are no respawns… ( well not in speedball anyway). Another factor for my enjoyment would be down to the adrenaline rush it gives you anticipating your opponents moves and trying to counteract them. The rush from diving between streams of paint as you try to take cover behind a bunker. And the satisfying feeling when you make your enemy cry out in pain.

All in all, paintball is an intensely enjoyable sport and, all going according to plan, DCU Paintball Society will be bringing home the top prize for the All Ireland Paintball Itervarsities this time next week!


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