Random bus blog 9: whats your superhero power?

I was meant to write this last night before 12 to make up for missing out on a day but to be honest, I felt like I’d die if I didn’t get somw sleep so you get 2 blogs today instead. So today I want to discuss that age old topic everyone has had as a child, what would your super power be? Through the years I’ve constently changed my mind on this. At one stage I was certain I wanted to be like Wolverine. Then I had my Spidey phase for a bit. But if I’m to lool at it realisticly( or as realisticly as I can when it comes to super powers) neither of those would be worth it. Think about it, for Wolverine, yes you’ve the handy healing factor and those claws would make an awesome party trick but the imortality thing would get very annoying when everyone you know starts to die. As for Spider-Man, there’s a big shortage of high raised buildings around dublin so unless I spent my days swinging out of the spire, I can’t see how web slinging would come in handy for transporting me anywhere.
So what is a good power to have? Well in the british tv show misfits, one of the most awesome powers that no one would ever have even considered due to how silly it sounds, is the ability to control dairy products. The milkman could basically kill anyone who pissed him off by messing with the molecular structure of the milk or cheese that was in his victims stomach and causing it to choke them or whatever he felt like doing. The thought that someone out there could kill just by controlling something you had eaten is scary and would be enough to put you off eating dairy for life… if he was real that is. But like most powers, he had a weakness against lactose intolerant people. So he has this incredible ability to kill as he pleases but if he meets someone who’s alergic to dairy, he’s fucked.
My next thought would be well ok if you can’t win with milk control, what about mind control? You’d never have any problem getting your way and it’d be fairly nifty for getting money cause if you were short on change you could just make someone next to you fork over a tenner without questioning what he was doing. However, there would come a point where you’rr trying to control multiple people and eventually it’d all become too much. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it would be to control 10 people let alone 100 or more. So lets say hypathetically, you were being attacked by about 50 people. All of them have guns. Even if you managed to co trol half of them, it would still leave 25 people to shoot you and… Wow this has become kinda morbid.hasn’t it…
Ok. butters. From that episode of south park in imagimation land. I’d like that power. Blink and what ever you want appears in front of you. That’d be really handy. You want cake? You get cake. You want a nice new ford mustang? It’s yours. It’s ultimate powef that as I come to the end of my bus ride I’m failing to see a downside to it. I need sleep. Bam! Think I’ll go for a lie down now. Zzzzzzz


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