Missed a day >.< But it wasn’t my fault!

so yesterday when I sat down to write my blog, I was met by the unfortunate message that WordPress was having some troubles or something along those lines and was down. So basically, I had a rough idea about what I wanted to write about and couldn’t because I couldn’t log in. So sorry for that. I’ll Write up the blog post that I had planned, later on when I’ve more time.

For now though I’ll give you a quick status update about the whole Endurance test thing I was doing to get into the 24 hour broadcast thing next week.

I was one of the first to show up. “Great” I thought, if no one else shows up we won’t have to do as many challenges and I can finish up here nice and quickly to get back to doing some work. Not so lucky. By the time we started there was 7 of us and with them only eliminating 1 person per round we were looking at 5 rounds of food and drink related challenges. First round was the donut challenge. Eat as many donuts as you can without licking your lips. They had decided that they were going to eliminate 2 people during this round to speed things up but after the first girl dropped out, everyone else seemed determined not to go. After a good 5 minutes of eating donuts, they finally decided to move onto the next round and cut two people there instead.

This time it was the cream cracker challenge, eat as many cream crackers as you can in a minute. we were each given 2 to start with and to be honest, no-one needed more than that. three of the remaining lads just about managed to swallow the crackers while myself, another lad and the last girl were left with small corners of our last crackers to eat. I just about scraped through that round as the judges deemed my cracker segment to be smaller than the remainder the other two had.

The next challenge was quite a disgusting one, we had to drink a pint glass of coke that had coffee granules mixed in with them. About 80% of it wasw just foam and that made the challenge a little more tricky to pull off But 2 of us powered through and finished fairly quickly. The other two were both seeming to have dificulty with the challenge but the decission was easily made when one of the lads stopped to spit back up all the rancid mixture forfiting the challenge. (I’ve still got the smell of raw coffee stuck in my nostrils and, if you know me well enough, you know I dislike coffee so I’m going to have to wash out my mouth after I finish this post).

At last there were only 3 of us left. We waited in antisipation as the judges rooted through the bag to pick out the final challenge item for us. 3 bunches of bananas. The challenge, who ever ate the least lost and the other two would go on to host the 24 hour broadcast. One of the former contestants piped up from behind us “if you eat more than 10 bananas in a minute, you’ll die!”. The judges were weary, I was still hungry, we decided to go ahead with the challenge dispite the warnings. The clock started and I began to eat as fast as I could. At one Point I was eating faster than my banana peeler could peel them. the minute ended and the winners were clear. The second place went to a guy called Ciaran O’Conor. He ate 4. The third place was a guy whose name I never got. he ate 2. I ate 6. My stomach is buldging as I write this.

So I won. I will join Ciaran next tuesday in DCUfm for 24 hours. I’ve never met this guy before but he seems friendly enough. So tune in next week to hear two men slowly but surly decend into madness as we try to broadcast for a full 24 hours without sleep! It’s gonna be interesting…. at least


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