DCUfm 24 Hour Broadcast Endurance Test

24 HOURS OF NON STOP MEEEEEE!!!! possibly… I have to get picked first. So DCUfm, the college radio station where I have my show Boomstick every Wednesday from 7 – 8 pm; we discuss many topics of the nerdy nature (multiple plugplugplug), are hosting a charity 24 hour broadcast-athon where 2 radio DJs will spend a full 24 hours trapped in the studio with no one to keep them company but a few computer monitors and the various random people who stare at them through the windows of the fish bowl that is DCUfm studio in the HUB.

Now, personally, I think this sounds like a fun challenge. 24 hours is a long time to fill and It’ll be hard work to keep people entertained for a full broadcast but on the other hand, imagine how rewarding it would be to be able to say, I did that. I spent 24 hours sitting in a small, fish bowl like hot box playing music and trying to come up with various ways to entertain my audience all in aid of charity. I’d say that would cover me for charitable contributions to society for at least.. a month? And also, It’ll give me something to add to my port folio for when I eventually realise that I’ll have to settle for a future in radio once my plans to be a big movie director fail. Not that there’s anything wrong with radio, honestly, I prefer to listen to radio than to a play list on my mp3 player because it has the added entertainment value of good DJs and the bonus of news updates to fill you in on all the little things that happen throughout the day.

Anywho, what can I bring with my to the studio if I did get the part of hosting the event? well, for starters, I can sing… not really but I can try really badly if people want. On second thought, maybe it’d be better if I didn’t… I do however have a pretty decent taste in music (at least I think it’s good) so good music shall be heard by all. I also have an extensive knowledge of upcoming films due to hours searching IMDB and Wikipedia along with various film magazines that I buy.  On top of that, I spend a lot of time on the rest of the internet so I can use that to my advantage and throw out little snippets of random entertaining crap I happen to come across. I’m also very willing when it comes to challenges ( I’m currently suffering through reading the twilight series because of a challenge given to me by a mate a while ago and also so I have something to back myself up when I argue that they are rubbish stories). Honestly, any challenge that gets thrown my way, I will consider for the show (as long as it’s nothing too illegal cause we don’t want to give DCUfm a bad name now do we). WOW, I’m talking as if I already have the part aren’t I. Right well if I do get the position of 24 hour DJ, I will do my best to entertain and will accept a good few challenges to make the show interesting how about that?

Now all I have to do is pass the endurance tests on Wednesday… there’s bound to be lots of Rebecca Black…. this should be fun. OMG I FRAKIN LOVE THAT SONG!!! LOL JK WTF?

If you wanna be one of the lucky 2 who get to partake in this 24 hour broadcast as well you can sign up for the endurance tests here or by emailing this guy : robyn.keleghan2@mail.dcu.ie.

Ok, I’m off to practice my singing voice now. DO RE ME FA SO LaAargh *cough splutter* Bleugh!


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