Should I Read It?

So, Twilight. Yay or Nay? I mean, I do always go on about what a crap book and story and movie it is and all that but to be honest, I’ve never actually read or seen any of the books or films.

Ok ok let me explain. So, I started watching this lad, Alex Days‘s videos on youtube recently where he reads the first book chapter by chapter ( I still haven’t finished it yet because I know that if I do, I won’t have time to get this post out and I’ll have missed a day in my blog a day lent challenge thingy). So far, the book sound awfully silly and Stephanie Meyers deserves to be … well let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet… cause I still haven’t read them.

The last proper book I read; by proper I mean something that wasn’t a Harry Potter book, a graphic novel/comic-book or something I read for School (yes the last leasure read I had pre-dates my college years), was also a vampire book you may have heard of called Dracula… actually, sorry I’m wrong there, the last book I read was Jaws but that’s beside the point. My point is, I’ve read Dracula by the great Irish author Bram Stoker so I know how a true Vampire story should go. It also gives me something to compare Twilight to if I do read them. And yes, I intend to read all 4 books. And possibly watch the movies if I haven’t driven myself off the wall by the end of my little stunt.

So yeah, where was I? Oh yeah, why bother? Well, every time I get into an argument with a twihard fan about the ridiculousness of how Meyers Vampires can walk around in sunlight and how her werewolves can change into wolves whenever they please as opposed to only on a full moon (stuff i’ve picked up from my younger sisters and various trailers I’ve had to endure watching while waiting to watch Iron man or Avatar or whatever films they were I saw them during) I always get thrown back in my face the fact that I’ve never actually read any of her books so how could I possibly know what I’m talking about. When you’ve had this argument enough times (3 times +), it gets very irritating knowing that in some slightly sickening way, they’re right. How can I argue against that which I know nothing about save a few glimpses of cinema footage from trailers.

So to give my self a strong defence line against the twilight twats, I thought, why not, it’ll be shit, but at least I’ll have a decent comeback whenever they say you’ve never read them ” eh sorry love, actually, I have read them. And they still SUCKED!”.., or something to that effect. not sure I pull of the whole calling people love thing all that well. So anywho, that’s it decided then, I’m gonna read Twilight 1-4 and there’s nothing you can do to stop me (unless you, y’know, post a comment reminding me why this is such an awful idea and that I’m an idiot for even considering it.

Oh and another reason I want to read them is cause, I hear in the fourth book, Edward fucks Bella so hard he breaks her ribcage! How mental is that!!!


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  1. realanonymousgirl2011

    So I’m not gonna argue with you about Twilight, because it seems like it will go nowhere, but I will say that the books are geared towards love hungry underdog girls that are 14-16 years old. And really shouldn’t be compared to a classic such as Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Yes the stuff is cheesy, but it’s for adolescents. So you should read the books, because they are entertaining, even if its so you can laugh at how naive and ridiculously poor choices Bella makes. But just remember its a multi-million dollar franchise and 14-20 year olds spend more money on stuff like this than anyone else. And I was gonna make a comment on the Bella/Edward sex thing, but I figure I’d let you suffer through some odd 2000 pages before you got there. Enjoy! You might actually like it. 🙂

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