Random Bus Blog 8: Clash of the Superhero Movies

A few weeks back, we covered the topic of comic book movies from 2011 versus those of 2012 on my radio show Boomstick. However, I didn’t feel like we had covered the topic in dept enough due to a lack of time and our tendency to ramble on about off topic subjects.
So today I put forward my arguments for and/or against the following superhero movies of 2011/2012:
Thor, Captain America, X-men First Class, Green Lantern.
2012 –
The Amazing Spider-man, Dark Knight Rises, The Avengers, Superman Man of Steel.
Ok we’ll begin with Thor. Also, before I go on, as I’m on my phone and writing all this of what I can recall of each film, some facts may be wrong but I’ll fix em when I get home. So yeah Thor from what I can tell follows the story of the norse god as he is outcast from Asgard for whatever reason (presumably something involving frost giants and what not) only for Loki to go and overthrow his daddy Odin leaving it up to Thor to fight back and eventually regain his fathers trust and his place amongst the gods. But naturally he’ll decide he likes earth and remain amongst us mere mortals to protect us or something. That’s my guess anyway. So in terms of story, I’m honestly not expecting anything oscar worthy, but with a strong cast including oscar winners Anthony Hopkins and Natalie Portman, as well as Chris Hemsworth (he’s captain Kirks dad in the latest star trek movie) in the title role, we can look forward to at least some decent acting. And if the trailers are anything to go by, it’s going to be jam-packed with action too. What I’m a tiny bit worried about is how they’re going to tie the film in with the realistic world ( as far as superhero films go anyway) of the iron man films. However the do it, it’s still a definite on my list of must see films this year.
Captain America: The First Avenger
Another film on my list of must see’s is the Captain America film. Set during world war 2, this is yet another origin film where scrawny Steve Rogers manages to survive the American super soldier programme and in doing so, becomes Captain America. He then has to square of against his arch nemesis Red Skull which presumably results in him winning but being lost to the ocean in the process where he is frozen in an iceberg till the Avengers film begins. If you havent seen it yet I recommend you google red skull to see just how badass Hugo Weaving looks in full Nazi and red-headed attire. I’m not gonna lie, he is probably the main reason I cannot wait to see this film. That’s not to say the rest of the film won’t be good, just that he could possibly be one of the best cast superhero movie characters since Robert Downey Jr took on the role of iron man or Sam Jackson stept into the shoes of Nick Fury (a role that the comics said only he could play. In fact the role belongs so much to him that the character’s image in the comics was changed from a white man to a Jackson lookalike for the ultimate Marvel universe). Also starring in this movie is ex Johnny Storm actor, Chris Evans. Although the Fantastic Four films didn’t appeal all that much to me personally, I have got new-found fate in Evans acting abilities after his brilliant performance in last summers Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Out of the line up for this years superhero films go, this is probably the one I’m most looking forward to.
X-men First Class
I’m just going to come out and say it, I haven’t got high hopes for this film. The X-men film franchise has never really managed to impress me all that much since the second film and even that one wasn’t amazing. 2008s Origins left me hoping that they would scrap everything that they had planned in the current story line and reboot the whole franchise again. New actors, new story, new approach to everything. When I first heard of First Class I was happy. They had a new cast, It was set in the 60’s when the X-men started out, and there was no sign of Hugh Jackman anywhere. Then things started to go wrong in my eyes. First came that poorly photoshopped image of the cast in costume that looked awful. Then the trailer which at the start seemed to be a fan trailer. Then I found out that it was being released as a sequel to the original trilogy. I’ll give them their due, parts of the trailer look alright and Magneto looks intimidatingly badass. But the final nail in the coffin came with the release of the official movie posters. They honestly look as though they’d been photoshopped by an 8-year-old. Bad advertising doesn’t help inspire me to watch this film at all especially when my expectations aren’t all that high to begin with. I will of course still go watch it but I’m not going to get my hopes up.
Green Lantern
The first film in what is said to be DCs possible answer to Marvels Avengers movie arc, Green Lantern has the potential to be very good. As long as they improve the graphics from the first trailer that is. Yet another origin film, this time we follow the story of test pilot Hal Jordan as he is bestowed with the duties of the green lantern. Reynolds is looking promising from the footage I’ve seen so far. However unless there is some improvement in the graphics since the first trailer which was released a while ago, I honestly think this film will disappoint all but the most die-hard fans. It’s still got a good few weeks left before it’s released in theatres though so hopefully it will be better by then. Also speaking od Ryan Reynolds, what ever happened to Deadpool? Make that movie man.
Ok so that’s 2011 out-of-the-way. Now onto 2012
The Amazing Spider-Man
I was disappointed when I first heard that the 4th Spidey film had been cancelled. Ok Spider-man 3 was awful but at least 4 could have dragged them out of the dirt if done right. It would also make more sense than doing a reboot of the franchise because all the characters had been developed enough that they wouldn’t have to waste half the film explaining who Peter Parker/Spider-Man was. On the other hand, no one can forgive Toby McGuire for that god awful emo fringe fueled dance scene. Ok so what do we know about the new Spidey? Well they’ve gotten rid of MJ and introduced one of his other love interests from the comics, Gwen Stacy, portrayed by Zombielands Emma Stone. Spider-Man is being played by Andrew Garfield who was brilliant in The Social Network and acting veteran Martin Sheen will take on the role of uncle ben so we’re bound to have some decent acting in this film plus with Lizard as the main villan there’s bound to be great acrobatic action scenes. Also, regardless of what some people have been saying, I quite like the new suit. It’s darker and give a sort of Dark Knight feel to the film from the promo pictures. Hopefully this reboot gives spider-man back some of his credibility as an awesome superhero that was lost thanks to that last film.
The Dark Knight Rises
What can I say. Christopher Nolan is a genius. He reinvented the superhero movie genre with his gritty realistic approach to Batman Begins. He then took it to a whole new level of awesomeness with one of my favorite all time films, The Dark Knight. Now, finally, he is set ro wrap up the epic saga with his 3rd and final installment, The Dark Knight Rises. In this film we will hopefully see a return to Wayne manor and the new improved batcave as well as a the possibility that Arkham Asylum may feature strongly as well due to the history between batman and his foe for this film. BANE! And we’re not talking zombie grunt baaaannnneee from the god awful Batman & Robin film. We’re talking, suave sophisticated Tom Hardy portrayed Bane who can string more than two words together. As well as Bane, Batman will also have to deal with catwoman ( foe or lover, we’ll have to wait and see) played by Anne Hathaway and another as yet unconfirmed female foe/love interest. Another boost is the recent confirmation that Joseph Gordon-Levit will join the cast in an un-amed role. The 500 days of summer star recently appeared in Nolan’s oscar winning Inception so we know they work well together. Who else appeared in Inception? Yeup, Tom Hardy. So Nolan is sticking to actors he is familiar in directing for a good bit of the cast. The one point to note is that thus far, Nolan’s Batman series has only involved male villains so this will be the first to have a female antagonist. Whether he can pull of writing this kind of character into a script remains to be seen but as always, in Nolan we trust. This is by far for me the most highly anticipated film from the list here.
The Avengers
Finally, after many many years of waiting, we shall get to see the coming together of Iron man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk and the rest of the Avengers in a film that was first hinted to after the credits at the end of Iron man where Sam Jacksons Nick Fury appears and mentions the Avengers Initiative to a now publicly Ironman, Tony Stark. Since that glorious cameo, back in 2008, everyone has been waiting to see which other Avengers would make the bill and that was answered during last years comic-con, along with the news that Buffy creator, Joss Whedon would write and direct the film. So the Avengers are as follows, Ironman, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Hulk (although, he could turn either way). Now I’m ot sure when the film is set to begin shooting or what the script looks like but with the cast and production team at the helm I have high hopes for this film.
Superman: Man Of Steel
Yet another Superman reboot. Well, can’t say I didn’t see this coming. The last outing of Clark Kent in Superman Returns was quite a disappointment to say the least. It wasn’t that it was poorly shot, or that the cast was awful, it just wasn’t memorable at all. I honestly can’t remember anything from the film apart from a bullet breaking off of Brandon Ruth’s eye. that was a bit silly actually wasn’t it. Anyway, New cast, new crew, no idea what the story is or who the villain is but there is still a good year and a half before it’s set to be released so plenty time to produce something amazing. With Watchmen and 300 director Zack Snyder at the helm as director and Dark Knight envisionist Chris Nolan as executive producer this film has potential to be brilliant. However, with the poor reception that the superman film franchise has received since 1983s superman 3, it will take a lot of work to make a superman film that appeals to today’s audience.

So concluding thoughts, as much as I’m looking forward to the Thor and Captain America films due out later this year, I have to give the win to 2012 for having the film I’m looking forward to most (Dark Knight Rises obviously) as well as bringing Iron man, Captain America, Thor and Nick fury together at last in the Avengers. On top of that, the reboots of both the Spider-man and Superman franchises are much more appealing to me than the unfortunately disappointing looking X-men prequel and the hopefully good but still to be proven Green Lantern.

Finally I’d like to ask two things, first, which are you looking forward to the most? 2011 or 2012? And also, which super hero movie would you like to see made? I’m still holding my breath that the Deadpool film gets the green light and would also love to see a Moon Knight film. I’ve heard rumour that films based on DC heroes the Flash and Aquaman as well as a Justice league film are set for release in 2013 along side a second Green Lantern (or so IMDB says) so who knows, maybe I’ll be back here again this time next year comparing 2012 superhero films to 2013 ones. We’ll just have to wait and see.

Also, no I didn’t spend all this time on a bus, I only managed to get down to the Dark Knight Rises on the bus. the rest I’ve filnished on my laptop. so, half bus half home blog.

K Laters.


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  1. I’m gonna say I’ll probably enjoy X-Men. I can’t help watching movies full of superpowers.

    Spiderman was never gonna make it to a 4th. 2 & 3 just weren’t good enough and 1 barely made it IMO. The only thing that got each movie through were the villains cause Toby Maguire was shite in all of them. Green Goblin and Doc. Oc. were portrayed reasonably well (thought Doc. Oc. got a bit to emotional at the end). Venom was promising but that movie was just so shite it never stood a chance so that incarnation of Spidy was never gonna last. Hopefully the new one can get past the stupidity of the others.

    Superman will be interesting. I’ve a strong feeling it’s gonna take up from where Smallville, which actually has been a reasonably good show (most of the time), leaves off.

    I’d say the Avengers is gonna be more successful than the Justice League. So far, the Avenger hero films haven’t flopped (though Iron Man 2 was close). Justice League films have all been restarted so often it’s hard to follow which version of the hero we’re following (Batman & Superman) not to mention Nolan seems to be looking at wrapping up his Dark Knight so that any film following with Batman will have to use a new one (it’d be embarrassing to use one of the others).

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