Blog Plan fail

So tonight if you didn’t know, is supposed to be the night of the largest full moon in 18 years. The next time it will be this large is not set to happen till 2029 so I thought it would be a nice idea to take a video time lapse of the moon as it crosses the sky tonight and share it with you two or three people who read my blog. I had everything ready: I had a Nikon D3100 from camera loans, an extra 10 GBs of SD memory card space (8 from my mate Jack), a tripod also from Jack) and lots of tea to keep me warm while I sat in wait. So I waited. And waited. I blogged a bit, made some of the model for my final year project, and proceeded to wait. It is now close to 23:30 and I’m still waiting yet I can’t seem to see the moon anywhere. I even took a photo and made a gif see?

where the moon should be

where the moon should be

So that was a failure of a blog idea but since it’s really late and I obviously don’t have time to write another post (I’ve to once again walk the dog so won’t be back before midnight), I decided I’m just going to post a film from 1902 called a Trip to the Moon. It’s about 10 mins long so roughly about as long as my time laps video was going to be anyway.

So yeah here you go, enjoy, and sorry bout not getting the real moon for you tonight.


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