Random Bus Blog 6: Return of the Blogi

So in keeping with my lent thing of blogging each day for all of lent, I thought I’d bring back the bus blogs. … Right so I didn’t really think about what to write in this one… I suppose I could just fill you in on what I’ve been up to since I last blogged regularly.
Well last week was Carlys birthday so naturally I had to try sort something our for that so I decided I’d give making her dinner a bash. So, while she went off for a job interview I got some supplies in as well as an absolutely massive sirloin steak. Seriously, this thing was bigger than my head and I’ll be the first to admit to having a fairly large head. So anywho, when we finished up the show for the night (boomstickpodcast.com *plugplugplug*) we headed back to hers and I got started on the meal.
First fuck up, I bought chipper chips. They are the kind that need to be fried in a deep fat frier and I only had an oven/grill with which to cook them. Needless to say, the chips required bucket loads of salt, vinegar and what ever else we could find to add some flavour to the bland flaky potato sticks I had cooked.
Now, I’ve cooked steak before. They’ve always turned out fine. In fact usually I end up cooking them slightly more well done than I take em ( I like my steak medium rare but usually end up with medium to well done steaks). So naturally I assumed there’d be no problem this time round. Ok so the steaks were a good bit thicker than the ones I normally cook, but I assumed if I pop em on for a bit longer at a slightly lower temperature than usual, they’d cook nicely right through without burning the outside.
So steaks cooked and set aside while the chips finished, I got to work on the pepper sauce. Maybe it was the fact that the night was starting to look like it was going badly or my unsteady hands, but I ended up pouring roughly 4 times as much brandy into the pan as I should have. Add to that the fact I had fresh cream instead of creme frishe, what we were left with was a pan filled with very strong alcoholic creamy pepper water.
So I messed up with the sauce, I got the wrong chips, at least the steaks turned out ok right? Well… that all depends on how you like your dead cow. If you enjoy feasting of a dead animals fresh carcass, blood dribbling down your chin, then these steaks would deffo be your cup of tea. However, if you are the kind of person who wants their steak well done enough that there’s no chance the meat will spring back to life, then I’m pretty sure these steaks would be enough to turn you vegan for life. In all fairness, I did managed to get about half way through mine and, after burning hers for another 15 minutes, Carly got most of hers finished but if there was any  lesson to be learned from that experience, it is that I should stick to cooking fajitas!
Well that’s it for now, I guess I can fill you in on the rest of my last few weeks in the next few blogs. For now though, you stay classy internet. May the force be with you. And remember to take your tigerblood vitamins! #winning.


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