I’ve neglected this for too long… something must be done!

Ok. I suck at this. I know I do. My last post stated this too. I have got to start blogging properly so I’ve come to a decision. Since I haven’t been able to think of anything to give up for lent that could come close to what I did last year ( I somehow managed to go a whole 46 days without facebook :O… ok so I replaced it with drinking, what else could I do in fairness), I’ve decided that for lent I shall blog at least once a day. Now I know what you’re thinking, you’re thinking “Wow Eoin, are you sure about this? I mean you haven’t been able to keep up your 3 blogs a week let alone blogging full time every day.” Well, my theory is that if I dedicate myself to doing this in the same way I did with facebook last year, I can just about manage it while also bordering on alcoholism.

To be completely honest, the vast majority of my blog posts will probably be very short and pointless, but if it means I manage to keep some activity going on this blog, then I’ll be happy about at least one thing that I’m doing atm.

Anywho, this counts as my blog for day one. Only another…46 blogs to go.

Let’s do this shit!


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