Oh man I suck at this…

Wow ok so over a week without blogging once? well done Eoin, so much for 3 updates a week. So in fairness to me, I have had one hell of a week filled with crazy emotional roller coasters and paintball along with finally getting glasses. Throw into all that the fact that I’ve my final year project still going on and surely you can excuse my lack of dedication to this thing.

Now, I know I promised a blog about Beardyman and the Blanks but to be completely honest, I think too much time has passed since either to try recount all the loverly little details of the gigs. in short, Beardyman blew my eardrums with the intensity of his drum’n’bass mixes and the blanks burst my gut from laughter at their comical genius as well as making me sqeeee like a little school girl by having a signing afterwards and giving me a short sound clip to use for the radio show I produce on DCUfm called Boomstick.

In other news, Ireland has just voted Satans retarded brother into power but since I didn’t vote, I don’t get to complain about him being in power ( and no I’m not gonna use the old “my vote wouldn’t have made any difference anyway” excuse, I was preoccupied by one or more of the happenings mentioned in the above which is why I didn’t vote).

In the next few days I should have some content up on the blog for our Final Year Project so check it out if you are interested.

Last little tit bit is that my dad has decided to challenge me to walk the Camino de Santiago trail in Spain with him this Summer, so I agreed on the condition he got in shape on time. So if that does end up going ahead (most likely August or September than during the actual months of summer tbh), look forward to photos and videos aplenty as well as blogs wherever I can find internet.

Other than that, sorry again I guess for not blogging as often as I should. I’ll try get a few more posts out this week.



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