EXAMS!!!! (wait.. what exams? I do multimedia)

So the results are in! First semester of final year over, second well under way and finally, we find out how badly we did in our assignments. Well surprisingly, I didn’t fair too badly. In fact, I’m rather happy with the results I got. 3 first class honours, 2 2.1s and a 2.2 giving me an overall 2.1 for last semester. So, add that to the 2.1 I got last year and all I need to do now is get a first of awesomeness for our final year project and I’ll walk away with the best a man can get from DCUs Bsc in MMA. The results that surprised me the most would definitely have to be my Scriptwriting, my 3D and most of all, Best Practice.

Writing the Batman treatment for Scriptwriting was by far one of the most taxing and mind numbing experiences of my life and, due to my lack of time, I never got to write a second draft or even read over it before submitting it. So to come away with a 2.1 for that has me extremely happy.

3D was more of a “I’m my own worst critic” sorta thing. Everyone has complemented my work for the 2 3D projects I did but I constantly felt like I could do better if I’d pushed myself harder. So I was extremely pleased to find I had received a first for what I felt was a 2.2 standard. what can I say, I’m full of self doubt when it comes to my work. Some might say that’s a good thing, some might say it’s a hindrance, all I know is, he’s called the stig I’ve far exceeded my expectations with it and for that, I’m grateful.

Now, Best Practice is one of those modules that, to be quite frank, I didn’t have much interest in it. Most of the time, I paid very little attention in class which is not a good thing to do when your assignment at the end is to write a journal about what was said in each class. so to weave a high 2.1 out of the bullshit that I could remember from that class leaves me mind blown. Just imagine what I could have achieved had I actually paid attention!

As for the other assignments, there weren’t any really shockers there. But, alas, there is still much work to be done, so for now, I shall arise and go now, and go to work in loans. Still, very happy day to be Eoin!


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