Should I buy one? DSLRs and the price you pay to get one

So as we all know from reading my blog religiously (right? right?), I’m a Multimedia Student in my final year. So today we were out filming some test footage for our final year project and while the lads messed about with the big cameras ( a lovely sony EX-3, ok so it was only one camera, shut up) I decided to go to camera loans and take out a DSLR or Digital Single Lense Reflix camera to play with. I asked if they had any that could shoot high def video footage cause tomorrow (or today or yesterday etc depending on when you read this) I’m going to see the legendary Beardyman live in concert and I thought it’d be fun to film some of the show (if that’s ok with you mr Beardyman sir). So Dave (that’s the dude  who runs camera loans) told me to take one of the Nikon D3100s and enjoy myself. To be honest, for the last 2 and a half years, i thought camera loans only had 3 different types of DSLR cause they were all we’d been trusted with but because I;m a lovely grown up mature 3rd year now, I guess they think we can handle the nice cameras now.

So there I was in town with this fancy ass camera and I have to say, never have I found a DSLR so easy to pick up. I had basically all the ins and outs figured out on the bus ride in there (hence why I didn’t do the bus blog I was meant to do) and by the time I was in town I was taking test photos and videos with great ease. The footage quality is brilliant and the VR image stabilisation did wonders to counteract my shaky hands. the only problem I had with this camera is the lack of decent mic or input for an external one. It means to at tomorrows gig, if I do film something, the footage will (hopefully) be class but the sound will just end up as some distorted blur of sound ruining the purpose of having the camera.

However, the redeeming feature of this camera is it’s low cost for a DSLR with HD video capability. For the camera body and an AF-S DX 18-55MM VR Lens, it costs €555 on and for just under €200 extra you can get a great bundle with a bag, tripod, memory card and spare battery. Over the last couple of hours I’ve been trying to come to a decision whether I should buy it or not. so I’m gonna see what you guys think, spend my dosh on a nice fancy ass camera, or save it to put towards my project that’ll probably end up costing me a fair bit in the next few months.

Also, here’s some footage that I shot today on the camera. not gonna put up anything of the behind the scenes of our project here cause we’ve got a blog set up for that but this footage of swans was kinda nice i thought.

laters, and don’t forget to leave your suggestions below.


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