Random bus blog 4: i gots me a new job :D

Thought I’d just write a short post about the good news I recieved today. So yesterday an e-mail was sent out to the good folk of multimedia and journalism to tell us that a job possition had opened up in the loans office and that they needed someone to take on 10 hours a week there. Loans is basically the place where students in DCU can borrow recording gear like the Sony EX-3 cameras or the maranz audio recorders. Naturally, being in my final year and needing a lot of this gear throughout the next few months, I lept at the opportunity. As soon as I could, I sent in an email requesting the job. I got a reply a few hours later saying that I was in the last 2, and that the choice would be made in the morning.
So off I went to bed, watched some youtube vids, blogged about cameras.and eventually managed to fall asleep.
Up i got at 12 the next morning and realised that I’d completely set back half my day by sleeping.in. I dived out of bed and got organized for going to BEARDYMAN!!! that night and then ran to the bus stop so i could book a studio from loans for an interview we’ve got for boomstick with, wait for it, the Blanks (aka Teds band from Scrubs)! next week. So I was at the bus stop when I checked my emails and saw a reply Re the loans job.
I’D WON! WOO!! Well that’s what it felt like anyway. So I made a few calls, organised the rest of my afternoon and hopped on the bus to go in for a brief training of what to do when I start work next monday.
So that’s it basically. I’m on the bus now into college where I will get a load down of what to do and then handly get picked up and swooped off to see beardyman tonight. This year is goin pretty good for me so far. Let’s hope it stays that way.


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