My Bucket List

So I know I said I’d do this within two days of the last post I mentioned it in but I’m here now and that’s all that matters.

Ok so first let me explain exactly what’s going on here. A bucket list, for those who didn’t at least see the trailer for the movie of the same name (I never saw the movie so I can’t judge people who haven’t either), is basically a list of goals you wish to achieve before you bite the dust or, as they say, kick the bucket. They can range from anything as insignificant as going to a part of town you’ve never visited before, to CRAZYNESS like basejumping or absailing the grand canyon.

The other day I happened to be stumbling on stumbleupon when i came upon this website which gave you ideas of what to put on a bucket list and, instead of actually reading the ideas, I began to think, what if I decided to write a list of all the things I’d like to have done by the time I’m 35 (i compromised and chose 35 instead of 30 or 40). Most of these Ideas will be off the top of my head cause I’ve tried to not think about them so that the ideas are genuine things I’d be interested in and so as not to leave something out by over analysing the possible outcomes as I always do with these things.

so here’s my list. If I feel the need to explain any of them, I’ll put the reasoning in brackets beside it.

1: skydiving ( If at all possible, I’d consider this for Rag week charity fundraiser)

2: basejumping

3: learn to surf and/or skateboard

4: visit vagas

5: visit Hollywood

6: give blood (I hate needles so this’d be something I could be proud of myself for doing)

7: play on an album

8: clime a permanently snow-capped mountain from its base.

9: run a marathon

10: go on a cruise ship holiday

(more after the jump)

Ok I lied, there isn’t any more here yet, but in fairness, it’s half five in the morning and I’ve to be in college in the morning so I’ll finish it tomorrow night or Thursday afternoon.

night y’all



Ok I’m back again. Time to update this bad boy.

11: get a tattoo (at the moment I’d like a big back piece but I’ve decided I’m gonna wait till I’m 25 cause I’m pretty sure my mind will change a lot between now and then.)

12: snorkel in the great barrier reef

13: ride the Kinga Ka (worlds tallest and former fastest roller coaster; i’t now the second fastest)

14: deep-sea fishing

15: visit every continent at least once again (except Antarctica. That can be a maybe in that if I do get there all well and good but I don’t hafta get there if I don’t have the time/funds

16: cage dive with a great white

17: bungee jump like the one in goldeneye

18: zorb down a river

19-25: visit the following places

  • Ayers Rock
  • Grand Canyon
  • Niagara Falls
  • The Pyramids of Giza
  • Stonehenge
  • The Taj Mahal

26: walk the Great Wall of China

27-28: attend both Margaritas and Oktoberfest at least once

29:attend a major global sporting event like the world cup final or the finals of the olympics (not as an athlete though)

30:go to the San Diego Comic-Con

31: consume a Dorset Naga chilli pepper( the hottest chilli peper known of).

32: sleep in a haunted house for a night ( preferably charleville castle or similar in terms of hauntedness)

33: join a gym and attend it at least 3 times a week for an entire year

34:brew my own beer

and last one for now, 35: win an award for a short film I make (any award {oscar oscar oscar oscar oscar} will do)


Ok so I think that’s a fair whack of things to do over the next few years. If I think of any more along the way, i’ll be sure to update this list again.

So tell me, what would your own bucket list consist of? And be sure to keep reading to see if I actually get around to completing the list. I’ll mark them off as they get done… hopefully..

Anywho, again, it’s late so ttyl


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