Superbowl… Marvel Film Trailers

So I’m not really an American Football follower but COME ON STEELERS!!! (I’ve got a 5er bet on the game so tune into the game to see if i win or not). Anyway, enough of that, now for what we’re really here for. Trailer reviews!

Right, so Thor or Cap first? hmmm well since I’ve seen Thor Trailers before and I don’t plan on delving too much into the Thor trailer I think I’ll cover the Cap first.

Captain America Superbowl Trailer

So ok, to be completely honest, the trailer doesn’t give that much away for the film. In fairness to myself, I have been drinking cause, lets be fair, it’s superbowl Sunday and I always have a few drinks on Sunday. But the main thing I was hoping to see, and did see, was how they were gonna portray Red Skull.

Hugo Weaving as red skull vs comic book red skull

Hugo Weaving as red skull vs comic book red skull

To be honest, I expected him to be s little more… teethy we’ll say, but I still have high hopes for this character in the film since he’s being portrayed by the awesome Hugo Weaving (couldn’t have cast him better). As for the good captain himself, I have a few things to say; firstly, the scrawny body looks like his head has been superimposed onto it to be completely honest but other than that, I am impressed. Hopefully the original shield makes an appearance in the film even though it didn’t appear in the trailer but for the most part, it looks like it’ll be an exciting film and hopefully they find a way to tie the film into the same realistic-ish marvel movie universe that was set out in the Iron Man films.

And as a little bonus, here’s a free web comic of Captain America telling some hints at the background of the relationship between the Cap and red skull if you are interested :

As for the Thor trailer :

It doesn’t seem like they’ve really added anything new that didn’t already appear in the original trailer except that big beasty thing at the end which leads me to believe there may be some sort of Ragnarok style Epic battle in this film in which Thor eventually faces off against Loki in an epic Battle of epicness leading to Loki being weakened but not defeated so he can still play his roll in the Avengers film.

Also, game over, I lost. I now owe Jack €5. I hope you’re happy Steelers.

But back to the point, lemme know what you thought of the trailers, and also, did you make silly bets on the superbowl too?

laters guys.

PS Doesn’t Thor look like he’s trying really hard to squeeze one out in the screen cap that the video sits in standby on?


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  1. Big beasty thing is called a frost giant of jotunheim, not actually a part of ragnarok as much as a regular foe for those who dwell in asgard

    • Are you sure? Cause i’m pretty sure the frost giants were in the other trailer somewhere (replying off my phone so not gonna try streaming it here) and were a lot more humanoid looking. Hmmm a hop to wikipedia is in order for me methinks…

    • Actually, now that I look back on the superbowl teaser, sober this time, I can see the frost giant in the beasty thing. Remind me never to drink’n’blog ever again.

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