The Little things I Love and Hate #001

vacuum with cat, not coins

vacuum with a cat, not coins. I couldn't find one with coins that looked good.


The sound of a coin being sucked up by a vacuum cleaner. I know it’s money that I’ll never see again but there’s something really satisfying about the clanging as the small metal object bounces about on its journey through first the metal piping, then the plastic ridged tube before eventually coming to rest in a bed of dust. Honestly, if I saw a row of pennies and had a vacuum in hand, I’d feel a sense of excitement similar to that of a child (back in the day) who had just flipped an entire stack of rare pogs and was gathering them up (fun times sigh* ).

I just put you off cake for ever didn't I...

the toilet cake. cause I don't want pictures of the real deal on my site.


I thought I’d start this off with a bang! Also, seeing one today is one of the reasons this section is happening. Floaters! We’ve all had to deal with them at some stage or another. The little poo that wouldn’t flush. They ruin what ever mood you were in before entering the bathroom/ cubicle, be it happy sad or indifferent. Floaters instantly cause your nose to turn up in disgust and for the faint of heart, they can occasionally lead to projectile vomiting which means even more mess to clean up. Thankfully I’ve got a stomach of steel so I just keep flushing until it finally breaks down but some people really can’t handle floaters so, please, people of the internet, I implore you, do not leave your floater sit. If you did the deed, flush it.

So there we have it. My first Little things segment. I think that went all right. Sorry about the floater thing, it was the only thing that came to mind after today. Seriously, floaters ain’t cool bro, flush that shit down. Anywho, lemme know what you think, should I keep doing these or leave em?


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