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Ok so I’m just in from work a short while ago and I’ve to actually sleep tonight because I’ve work again in the morning but I decided to write a short post as a sort of personal reminder about what direction I wanna take this blog in the future and this way, if I don’t follow through, I’ll (maybe) get a few people saying “shame on you” for not following through.

So firstly, I’m gonna write a bucket list type thing of 100 things I want to do before I’m 30/40 (i’ll make my mind up later). The reason I’m not calling it a bucket list per say is cause that’s meant to be stuff to do before you die, which I guess would be true in these circumstances… maybe I’ll call it a bucket list… I donno yet. But yeah anyway, the plan is to get writing that by Monday or Tuesday at the latest cause I can’t really do it tomorrow with work and then hopefully watching the Superbowl in the pub afterwards ( I don’t follow or really understand the rules of American football but apparently the first official trailer for Captain America: The First Avenger is gonna be shown and I’m not gonna miss a chance that I might get to see it!

Then there’s a little section that I’ll do every now and then called “The Little Things I Love and Hate” (warning: title subject to change without prior warning.. other than this one). This will be a small two to three sentence per thing segment where I’ll post one thing I love or like and one thing I hate or dislike. Don’t expect something witty and original all the time, I am still human and enjoy/ dislike many common little things so I’ll post them more often than not but from time to time, I’m sure I’ll pop up with a little gem. I’ll try to get around one of these a week, if not more. First one to come…… now! (in 5 minutes i need to get some pics and what not).


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