Tom & Jerry: The Movie… They Can Talk???

So I just sat down to a nice night of tidying up my blog a bit when all of a sudden, this awesome dude posts a link on Facebook to the Tom & Jerry Movie on Youtube. Naturally I decided, a what the heck, I’ll give it a watch and see what it’s like, after all, who doesn’t like a bit of cat’n’mouse fun?

An hour and a half later (well technically 3 hours cause I kept jumping off to twitter and StumbleUpon) and I’ve decided that I should review it. so here goes.

The movie begins as all Tom and Jerry cartoons do, with the cat trying to catch the mouse, and mostly failing to do so. however, once the opening credits stop rolling, we find out that the owners of the house are moving. so naturally tom, the family cat, is set to go along with them. However Jerry, his rodent nemesis, tries to sneak along with them and in an attempt to rid himself of the mouse once and for all, Tom winds up stranding himself with Jerry in the now empty house.

Up until now everything has been going fine, Tom and Jerry have had their little run around, Tom nails Jerry into his mouse hole, Tome gets chased by a big angry dog, and then they all fall asleep until the morning where, naturally, the house, just recently vacated, gets demolished, with the dynamic duo barely escaping with their lives. eventually we are introduced to Puggsy the dog (although he’s the least pug looking dog i’ve ever seen) and his pal Frankie da Flea who try to get Tom and Jerry to be nicer to one another. Now here’s where things divebomb. Tom and Jerry talk. wait what?? But isn’t the whole point of Tom and Jerry that they express everything through visual displays of aggression and the occasional yelp of pain? Isn’t that what made watching them carry out their crazy antics all the more enjoyable, that they could be understood by everyone anywhere in the world and still garner the same reaction from everyone?maybe that’s just me, who knows but anyway we’ll ignore that for now.

What follows is where I have to draw the line. I know I know, it’s a children’s film and the main point of a childrens film is to keep them amused with as many cakes to the face and mallets to the head as possible, but it’s no excuse for the complete lack of continuity in the story at all. For starters, the movie begins as a quest for the pair to reunite with their Tom’s owners. However, once they meet a young girl called Robyn Starling, who has run away from her abusive aunt and her lawyer, the story suddenly changes to a quest to help Robyn find her father who was thought to be dead in Tibet. Oh and I almost forgot about the evil gang of cats that tried to beat up Tom earlier on. Why? Because the story seems to completely forget them too. One minute Tom is being chased by the gang, the next Jerry is heaving open a manhole with the strength and courage of mighty mouse and danger mouse combined for the gang to fall into. And that’s it. We never hear from them again. If I was a part of that gang I’d at least want a smidgen of revenge on that blasted little mouse for embarrassing me but apparently the gang of evil cats are quite the lazy bunch and can’t be bothered leaving their manhole.

Anywho, so Robyn, Tom and Jerry all end up back in Robyn’s house under the cruel watch of her aunt where Robyn is sent to her room without any dinner while the fat dog on a skateboard called Ferdinand brings Tom & Jerry into the kitchen where they destroy everything. Then for some reason, Robyn is brought into the kitchen where she can have a chat with her new pets about whether they’d like to stay there or go live with the good dr. Applecheek (i thought she was meant to be banished to her room without dinner…).

After that, there’s a fax from Robyn’s dad saying he’s alive but her aunt believes that by keeping  this information away from Robyn that her dad will never return from Tibet. But Jerry finds out and tells Tom who, as they both run to tell Robyn the good news get taken away by the evil aunt and brought to Dr. A who turns out is not so nice and keeps animals that people have lost captive so that he can claim the reward money for finding the animals who include our old friend Puggsy and Frankie (as well as a cameo from Droopy) but then thanks to Jerry being small enough to pop out the cage and being super strong and able to push down the buttons to release all the other animals, they all escape and Tom and Jerry run back to Robyns where they finally tell her the good news that her dad is alive in Tibet and *catches breath while pausing for dramatic effect* her plan is to go to Tibet to find him. what? No I’m sorry just, no. Up to this point the young girl has seemed reasonably clued into locations thanks to her daddy being a traveler or explorer and now she wants to run away to Tibet?

Fine, ok, I’ll go with it for now, see what happens. So they run away and needless to say the aunt finds out immediately so she sets off to find the girl in the same place where she was found by the police the last time she ran away… which… yeup that’s right, she’s there. She’s running away from home to go to Tibet and their first resting point is the exact same place they were found last time. Genius! But surprisingly they manage to escape on a small raft without being spotted by anyone other than Ferdinand who ends up sinking to the bottom of the river yet somehow not drowning (that’ll be the cartoon biology giving dogs hidden gills and what not).

So, the trio are floating down this small enough river right, trying to get some sleep when all of a sudden OHMYGODITSAHUGEFISHINGTRAWLERHEADINGSTRAIGHTFORTHERAFTANDDAWWTHEYRECRUSHED. But that’s not the end for them, oh no. Robyn washes up on the shore where she is rescued by a schizophrenic fair ground pirate while Tom and Jerry continue to float down the river on the… raft? wait what? O K. So that was a different raft i just saw pummeled to bits by a huge trawler a few minutes ago? Right. So anyway, the evil Aunt and Lawyer have decided to set a reward of $1,000,000 (a million if you can’t count) for the return of Robyn to them which they won’t pay  up because they don’t have the money (hey isn’t that illegal mr lawyer sir?) and they post the reward on milk cartons which the schizo pirate finds and decides to claim the reward for her return so he traps her at the top of a ferris wheel until the aunt arrives but as luck would have it, Tom and Jerry happen to land in the same spot as Robyn and rescue her.

The 3 of them hop on a boat and power down the river followed closely by every evil character that we’ve seen (except the cat gang who, presumably, are still down the manhole) as they all try to get her to claim the reward money (but hang on a sec, don’t they all know at this point that there is no reward money?) and eventually the Dr who is riding a hijacked ice-cream bike, crashes into the pirate who is fighting with himself over who drives the dinghy he’s in. All of a sudden, Robyn recognises where they are and they sail down the river to a place called Robyn’s nest which daddy built for Robyn. For some reason it is now assumed that her father will be waiting for her in this riverside house (at this point we’ve seen two clips of her dad as he flies a plane through the Tibetan mountains and then gets a helicopter to go to the riverside house cause apparently this is the most likely place that his 8 year old daughter would go when she runs away, um no it’s not, she always goes to the bridge in town).

Obviously he’s not there when she arrives and she is caught by her aunt and the lawyer but in a struggle they set the house on fire. Tom And Jerry manage to rescue her from the fire through the roof and her aunt and the lawyer break out through the door before landing on the boat thanks to Ferdinand’s skateboard getting in the way. As the boat takes on a mind of it’s own and sails off into the distance, Robyn’s dad flies in on his helicopter and rescues his daughter from the collapsing building but is too late to save the cat and mouse who plummet to their death as the house collapses into the river. As luck would have it, the two survive and live happily ever after in the Starling household, back to their old habits of chasing each other around a large room and not talking. The end.

They didn’t even try and find their original family after all that? They just moved on and settled into life as the Starling pets? Well that’s just brilliant. The whole point of the start of the film was to find their family and it ended with them settling for the richer better off family without a second thought for the family that is probably worried sick about their missing cat.

In fairness to the film, I did chuckle occasionally and it is a kids film after all so the plot doesn’t play a major factor in that sense but what bugged me the most was the fact that Tom and Jerry spoke. It’s just not… well it’s not them. it works well as a children’s film but for me it just took away a part of what made Tom & Jerry them.

Anywho, if, after all that you wanna give the movie a watch, I’ll post it all below. i’m just that nice.

lemme know what you thought of the film.

bye 🙂


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