One Week Of Blogging & Tron … not at the Oscars? (much)

So I’ve made it this far, guess there’s no turning back now huh. Thanks for anyone who’s read my random ramblings thus far, I assure you they can only get better as I learn to read and write more better. But in all seriousness, I’ll do my best to keep blogging at least 3 times a week. from here on out.

So, anyone as surprised as I was with the lack of Tron Legacy in the Oscar Nominations this year? Yes, I know it was a bit of a silly film to be completely honest but come on, it was an absolute visual treat and the soundtrack alone should get at least 5 oscars (can they do that? no ok fine then but it still kicked ass).

For those who know me, I had been looking forward to Tron Legacy ever since I caught wind of the faintest hint that it would happen just over 2 years ago. This may seem a bit silly since I hadn’t even fully seen the original before then but all I knew was that it looked like it was going to be one of the most visually fantastic films of  all time! I followed the production and post avidly on the internet and in film magazines absorbing every little piece of information I could find about the film before eventually sitting down to watch the original cause, lets face it, there’s absolutely no point getting so worked up about something if I haven’t even seen the original that it’s based on.

So about a month or so before the movie came out, I went and found a copy of the original, and sat through all 96 minutes (thank you Wikipedia) expecting to be sorely disappointed because, lets face it, the movie is almost 30 years old. Sure facebook didn’t even exist back then. But anyway, I sat down, watched the movie and, even under the layers of dodgy acting and lack of a great storyline, the film still managed to impress me. I mean, I agree that by todays standards, the graphics would be laughable, but for something older than me, I think it can firmly hold its giant spinning red prism shaped head up high in having outdone itself for visual effects.

But wait a minute… what’s this? Tron didn’t get the oscar for best visual effects in 1982? well, no. You see, Tron unfortunately came out in the same year as  the impressively dark sy-fi, sci-fi, si-fi, science fiction film, Blade Runner and the film about everyone’s favorite little green grey man, ET which naturally took the crowning glory of best VFx. However, Tron still got a nomination for best costume and sound mixing and eventually, 14 years later, won an oscar…ish for Technical Achievement (it was won by a guy who worked on Tron back in the day and contributed to his receiving of said oscar).

Anywho, back to the here and now. Tron Legacy. What a film. From the moment I saw the preview screening of the 23 mins of footage about a month before its release with my friend Nessy, I knew in my heart that this movie would be oscar worthy in both soundtrack and visual effects. The 3D, unlike certain films I’ve seen over the past few years of this 3D revolution (cough cough resident evil cough), was perfect in complementing the visual orgasmatron that was the CG word on the grid. The light cycle races were second only to the light plane scene in terms of action and my god was that a thrilling treat for the eyes.

So, let’s have a look at the nominees for VFx in this years oscars:

Ok we’ll start with Alice in Wonderland. admittedly I didn’t get around to seeing it myself because at the time I was … well… I wasn’t really interested in watching it ok. I saw the remake of Willy Wonka by Tim Burton and to be quite frank, I was turned off his films after that (go back to the good ol days of Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands). but I’ll admit that the CGI in it looked decent enough from the trailers. however, my brother, who did see it, complained endlessly about it so I’ll mark that as a possible replaceable for now.

Next up we have Harry Potter 7 part 1 which I did see, and to be honest, there’s nothing new here that we haven’t seen before from a Harry Potter film (well since the last 2 anyway). the one up I’ll give it is a short animated scene halfway through the film showing the story of the origin of the 3 deathly hallows which, as a stand alone, could well have taken the oscar for best animated short (although we all know who will win that in the end). Overall though, it didn’t stand out to me as a VFx flag bearer for future generations of film makers. If anything, it should be nominated for best cinematography again; those Irish and British film crew really know their shit 😛 ). So ok I’ll leave this in the running for the moment but it could easily be replaced by Tron Legacy.

The third film on the list, Hereafter, has only just arrived on Irish shores so I have yet to see it but from the trailers it looks like it’s going to be a fantastic film and I have high hopes for it. in terms of VFx, it does seem to recreate the tsunami of 2004 quite well and I’m going to over look it for removal from the list cause it may yet prove to be a treat to the eyes as well.

It goes without saying that the winner this year from the nominees HAS to be Inception. The sheer scale of the … I mean the… it has me speechless the way Christopher Nolan could… it’s… gah. I failed at my description of the film but needless to say, if you haven’t seen this film, you missed out big time.

The last film on the list which I personally enjoyed but would rather not see on the list in place of Tron is Iron Man 2. much like Harry Potter this film presents nothing fantastically new since the last film apart from one suit which transforms out of a suitcase (ah i see what they did there… oh wait it’s a briefcase? never mind). But besides that suit, nothing stands out in my mind as spectacularly mind-blowing so this one is a definite cross-of-the-listable film.

So from my point of view, Tron Legacy outranks at least. … .. 3 of these films for the visual effects category. Now, I realise that I seem to be writing a short novel on my reasons behind why Tron Legacy deserves an oscar so for the Soundtrack section, I’m just gonna fly through it to try to avoid loosing your interest if it hasn’t been lost already (also i need to get my dinner and walk the dog so I’m gonna wrap this up asap). Of the nominees for best original score, Tron deserves at least a nomination above The Social Network. I’ve seen all but How To Train Your Dragon from the list of nominees and admittedly, from what I’ve heard, they’re all well worth a listen but I personally feel that Daft Punk did a Much better job at capturing the feel of Tron than Trent Reznor did for The Social Network but again, these are just the opinions of a lowly 21-year-old college student who studies media. I’m sure the panel of judges did a much more in dept analysis of the scores to come to their conclusions.

Anywho, my stomach is giving out to me so I must depart but lemme know what you think, does Tron Legacy deserve another 2 oscar nominations? or am I just fanboying it up and being biased in my judgement?

Talk to you later. And again, thanks for reading.


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  1. I’m gonna have a look over those soundtracks. Inception was good but not to the same standard as Gladiator or even The Dark Knight. I’ve heard of amazing things from ‘The Kings Speech’ & it’s pretty hard to beat a bit of Beethoven.

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