Random Bus Blog 2; The End Of The World As We Know It

So yesterday, as we stood around in the cold waiting on someone who never showed up, there was talk of the Mayan calendar prediction for the end of the world on 21st of Dec next year. Films such as 2012 and The Day After Tomorrow have given us an excessively exaggerated image of the craziness that is to come and the vast majority of people would brush aside such predictions as nonsense and silly.
I, up until recently, would have regarded myself amongst said sane individuals. Lately however I’m not so sure. Having experienced what i think was the coldest winter on record in Ireland (I’ll check when i get home) and seen the crazy floods that happened down under with up to 5 metres of water rushing through the streets of Brisbane, I’m starting to see telltale signs of the impending doom that awaits us.
I don’t think the weather is the only thing that will screw us over though. I’m not an avid follower of the news but, from what i can tell, the irish government is slowly falling apart and it’ll take some kind of demigod to sort out the mess we’re in. I’ve also heard some mention of unrest in egypt which i don’t actually know what it’s all about but, if the Mayans were right, then I’m guessing it’s all part of the plan to destroy the world.
In all honesty though, I’m not really that worried about what’s gonna happen to us in the future. If the rest of the world follows suit and decides to fall apart, so be it. I’ll just do as usual and go with the flow and things will work out for the best as they usually do.
So what about you? Do you feel it coming in the air tonight? think that we have anything to worry about? Should we run around with tinfoil hats and towels around our shoulders to protect us from the end of the world, or calmly head to the local pub and get so drunk that the end of the world seems a welcome treat to distract from the raging hang over that ensues from the madness?
Personally I’ll be choosing the later what with the 21st being a thursday and all (Fibbers is cheap as fuck on Thursdays). But yeah lemme know what you think. Time to get off the bus now.

quick edit: here’s the proof that we’re fucked!


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  1. 1stly: you’re 21st was a Sunday.
    2ndly: End of the World? I’m sorry but there have been natural catastrophes happening across the world since the dawn of time. We thought the end was nigh during the black death, the potato famine, even during WWII. There is only one reason why it ‘seems’ worse now. It’s because of information dissemination. We’ve the internet, a bloody good media & people taking matters into their own hands on the internet. I’d give you a list of the natural disasters but unfortunately human kind was shit at recording most events prior to the 1800s. Here’s one to make you think
    1883, Krakatoa exploded so loudly it was heard a continent away & it’s created a couple of volcanic winters. However, 118 years later, the planet is still here & we’re still on it.

    • My blog is meant to be light hearted and not taken too seriously. If you think I really think the world will end in 2012, then fine, but I honestly don’t see what this has to do with my birthday.

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