Random Bus Blog 1: Avatar 2 & 3

So i’m sittin on the bus right now and my mate jack was just texting me about the new movie sanctum thats comin out in a few weeks/months (not entirely sure about the release date or even what the film’s about for that matter). Anywho, he was asking me about James Camerons part in the film and whether this was the film that Cameron developed his 3D camera submarine thingy that is set to film challengers deep. As I have known for quite some time now, that sub is for the new avatar films which, if you are in any way like myself, are must sees for 2013/14!
But that’s besides the point. The point i wanna raise is, why bother? I mean, Avatar was by far one of the most visually magnificent films i have ever seen and the moment i can afford a 3D tv, it is going to be the first film i buy. But, the stunning beauty of that world was all generated by computers in post, and most definately didn’t cost as much as a submarine capable of withstanding the insane pressure of the deepest point in the ocean would cost. From what we’ve seen in the first film, Cameron is more than capable of creating fantastical worlds of the top of his head. So why bother forking out millions on creating a submarine when he’ll probably only use it for these two films?
Well from what i gather, anyone who ventures down the 7miles to challengers deep get some sort of award and yes, i’m certain it’ll look fantastic once it’s shown on the big screen, so i see the appeal to try something like that, but i still question whether it’s worth the hassle.
Anywho, lemme know what you think. I’m not really putting much thought into the writting here, just random train of thought flowing from my hands so if you wanna nit pick at what i’ve said, that’s what the comments are for :).
Laters i’m off to what is hopefully an awesome party!


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