Hello world!

wow well ok this is random. i didn’t think i’d be starting up a blog so late into college but there you go. not everyone’s as on the ball as they’d like to be.

anywho, for those who don’t know me and came upon this by accident, i’m eoin. hi 🙂

ok so i’m a newly aged 21 year old from Dublin, Dublin, Ireland ( not Dublin, San Fransisco, CA, USA) who is in his, my, whatevers final year of a 3 year BSc in multimedia (that’s right bitches, i get a motherfucking science degree in film and sound and web and 3d and imaging and all that malarkey. it’s kinda hard to properly describe the course so just read the prospectus for all the gory details).

i was gonna go into all the details about me myself and i but i’ll just put all that in the about me section when i fill that in but for now i’m sure you’re kinda curious as to what i’ll be ranting and raving about on this blog.

well, as a media student, i’ll obviously be posting regularly (ish, depends how much work i actually do) about all my projects past present and future.

right now for instance i have my final year project in the works and will as of next week be updating once or twice weekly about that.

aside from course work, i’ll rant and rave about all the latest big movies coming up, especially TDKR and other upcoming comic book films, and also i plan to discuss the oscars and their lack of nominations for tron in certain categories.

i’ll bitch about trivial occurrences that might amuse you, i’ll moan about the irish weather if it snows again, and generally just speak my mind from time to time interlaced with a dose of multimedia content uploads.

anywho, that’s all i’ve time for now,

ttfn, ttly, etc etc



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